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31 Days of Everyday Magic

*Please note that when I chose the word "magic" for this series of posts, I was in no way thinking of an abracadabra-hocus-pocus-spell-conjuring-witchcraft sort of magic.  I had this particular definition more in mind: 

Day 1: Music Magic
Day 2: Passionate People
Day 3: Conscious Hearts
Day 4: Holy Moments
Day 5: Two Birds and a Song
Day 6: The Human Spirit
Day 7: No magic wand, but a glorious Promise
Day 8: Old Friends
Day 9: Visible Sunbeams
Day 10: Synchronicities
Day 11: Silver Linings
Day 12: Early Memory Magic
Day 13: Book Magic
Day 14: When the Bat Hits the Ball
Day 15: Little Joys
Day 16: Lighthouse Love
Day 17: Splendid Skies
Day 18: Four-Leaf Clovers in Books
Day 19: Hey-Mom-Watch-This
Day 20: Rainbows
Day 21: The Here and Now
Day 22: Thin Moments
Day 23: The Wag of a Tail
Day 24: Simple Songs that Soothe
Day 25: Positive Perspectives
Day 26: The Power of Smell
Day 27: Sunshine On My Shoulders
Day 28: The Beauty All Around You
Day 29: Writing Anyway
Day 30: Mountain Magic
Day 31: No Regrets

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