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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Beauty All Around

It's the sound of church bells 
in the middle of the week, 
a purchase that rings up
to a round number,
a bird flying alongside your car,
the first breath of ocean air
when you arrive at the coast,
a baby's smile from
behind a pacifier.
Or maybe you see a man
with headphones singing and
dancing his way down the street
as you wait for the light to turn green,
or a hummingbird that takes a drink 
from your feeder, then buzzes over
 to the glass door 
to greet you before it flies away.
It's secretly witnessing the sincere smile
of a loved one when they are
absorbed in something they find amusing,
or receiving an invitation from a friend
you haven't seen in awhile.
It's  a 'thank you' in the mail,
an unexpected compliment
when you're feeling blue,
the sound of light thunder
and steady rain in
the middle of the night,
or the look of pure joy on a dog's face
as the wind hits his
face through the car window.
It's wrapping your freezing hands
around a hot cup of coffee
or hot chocolate,
walking into an air-conditioned
building when it's unbearably
hot outside,
 looking up to a pink sky,
a full or crescent moon
on a clear night,
or the heavenly sight of
sun rays shining down
brilliantly through the billowy clouds,
or a bright red bird singing
its happy song from a treetop
 outside your window.
These magical, miraculous,
phenomenal, breathtaking, astounding,
magnificent, extraordinary things
are always around you, above you,
in front of you, beside you, and within you,
 even (and probably especially)
when you are in the midst
 of your darkest storm.

All you have to do is look.

"There's beauty all around you. All you have to do is look." ~Darin Poovey

Day 28

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