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Monday, October 13, 2014

Book Magic

It is now day 13 of the the 31 days blogging challenge and I won't lie, I'm feeling my momentum slipping just a bit. But I promised myself I'd see this thing through to the end so here I am...DAY 13. This post (and probably a few others in the remaining 18 {really?days) is going to be short, sweet and right to the point... 

Library day was always my favorite day of the week in elementary school. For one thing, everybody was forced to be quiet so I finally felt like I fit in since I never talked anyway. But the main reason was just simply because I had an honest to goodness love for books. 

Cracking open the cover of a really good book and getting lost in its pages can truly feel like magic. I've experienced it time and time again throughout my reading life.

I came across the following the other day and thought it was the perfect example of just how magical reading can be when you really immerse yourself in the words...


And this? I have felt this way in reading a few times in my life and the experience has always left me sort of breathless.
 In a good way.

And I couldn't agree more with C.S. Lewis (although I'd prefer coffee in my cup instead of tea).

Perhaps Stephen King said it best.

Indeed they are.

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