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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I won't be around here much next week.  The boys are on break and we are hitting the open road for an All-American road trip.  

Hope you all have a wonderful week!  

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Phone Call I Won't Forget

I had just dropped the boys off safely at school (which was only about a mile away from my house at the time) when the phone rang.

It was Dracen's kindergarten teacher's assistant.  I have gone to church with her for years.  

I knew immediately by the tone and tremble of her voice that something was horribly wrong.  

My body began to shake, my knees turned to jello, and I literally felt the color drain from my face as I leaned over on the kitchen counter to brace myself from crashing to the hard tile floor beneath me.  

"Dracen just turned blue and passed out..." she began.  "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!"  I bellowed.  

Charlie was, thankfully, home that day and as he heard my words his eyes grew big with horror and his heart seemed to skip beats as he jumped up from his seat.  

"The school nurse is with him now and we've called 911..." 

I didn't need to hear anymore... "I'LL BE RIGHT THERE!" I shouted. I  slammed the phone down, grabbed my keys and bolted out of the house and down the steps with my still uncombed hair and unmade face.  

My body was shaking and my mind was running wild as I threw the car into reverse with a jerk and stomped the gas pedal to the floor board, squealing tires as I turned out of the driveway at the top of the hill.  

Though the storm door was closed, the front door was left standing wide open and my little dog, Dixie, stared in bewilderment as we disappeared out of sight.  

We ran frantically into the school and the school secretary who saw us coming, met us at the office door and motioned us on (though it would have taken five grown men to make me stop and sign in).  

Charlie ran barefooted down the hall ahead of me.  We left the house in such a rush, he had not even taken time to put on shoes.  

We had beaten the ambulance there and when we made it to the classroom, there was Dracen, conscious and talking with the school nurse.

I rushed to his side and though my heart was still racing, I could feel the color slowly begin to return to my face.  

He was okay.  My baby was okay.  I could breathe again.  

The paramedics showed up shortly after we did, gave him a little once over, found nothing obviously wrong with him and suggested we take him on to his family doctor to be checked out thoroughly.

The doctor gave him a thorough exam, complete with blood tests, and deemed him perfectly healthy.  

He had been sick a few days earlier. Nothing serious.  Just stuffy head, low fever and minor sore throat.  Though he did not test positive for strep the doctor he had seen prescribed him Amoxicillin.  

He was five years old so of course, he was no stranger to the pink stuff. But my mother's intuition was burning like a fire inside of me and practically screaming at me, 

It was the Amoxicillin!  It was the Amoxicillin! 

When I brought this up to the doctor we saw the day of this incident,  he informed me there's no way it was the Amoxicillin and to keep giving it to him.  

I said okay but that feeling wouldn't go away.  He had just taken it before leaving for school that morning and he had only been at school mere minutes when he passed out.  

Nope.  There was no way I was giving him another dose of that stuff.

I read every article and piece of information I could dig up on Amoxicillin and discovered that he had been prescribed a pretty hefty dose for a little guy his size so I called the doctor up who prescribed it and he too assured me there was just no way on God's beautiful green earth this incident was caused by that medicine.  

There aren't many things in life that get me riled up enough to initiate a heated conversation.  Normally, I will go out of my way to avoid confrontation....Mrs. Non-Confrontational at your service!.... 

But waking my mama bear will do it every.single.time.  I snapped like a Poplar branch in a windstorm and lit into that unsuspecting doctor with all the fury, wrath and might I could muster.  

I was right and I knew it...could feel it in my my gut.  

I believe a mother's intuition is a powerful tool and gift bestowed by God and I was flat pissed off that I was being blown off.  The nerve!

That phone conversation ended in me hanging up the phone on the doctor, taking about five hundred deep breaths and calling to vent my frustrations to Charlie.  

The doctor called later in an attempt to smooth things over though he continued to stand his ground about the Amoxicillin.  

I remained calm but switched to a pediatrician and have never allowed him to take the pink stuff again.  

This post was written for Mama Kat's writer's workshop  and Jenny Matlock's  Alphabe-Thursday, the Letter A.   

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How I spent my birthday...

The boys have been riding the bus home this year for the first time since they've been in school. I've still been taking them, however, in the mornings because the bus comes at 7:05 and if I drive them we don't leave until 7:30.   

Hey, that 25 minutes is a lot for someone like me in the early mornings hours.  Trust me.  

They decided last week (and I've really no clue as to why) that they wanted to start riding it in the mornings so the night before last when I was putting Dracen to bed (you know he has that alarm clock now?) he says to me, with complete and utter 7.5 year old seriousness, 

"If you don't see me in the morning, I got on the bus."  

I had to laugh.  "Dracen", I said, "you know I'm going to set my alarm and get up to see you off."  

"Why?" he asked.  

"Good night, Dracen!"  

They've been saying they were going to catch the bus for the past week or so but yesterday, on my 40th birthday, the stars and planets finally aligned themselves correctly in their proper positions in the universe and the boys rode the bus to school.

So I stayed in my night gown until 11:00.  Don't judge. It was my birthday!  

The weather was perfect, I felt like a superstar with all the birthday wishes on facebook (don't you just love fb on your birthday?), went to yoga at noon, sat on the deck in the adirondack chairs with my Diet Sun Drop and read a great book in the afternoon, and finished the day with two back to back baseball games, the first ones of the season.  

The boys gave me hanging basket ferns, a sweet card and some rose bushes to set out and my sweet husband gave me some beautiful windchimes, chocolate (score!), and a birthstone necklace.  My birthstone, by the way, is the diamond.  

I told the boys before we left for their games that I wanted one more have my picture taken with them in their uniforms.  Devin, normally the camera shy one with the I will sabotage every picture you try to take of me attitude was very cooperative. Well, "cooperative" when we're talking about Devin and cameras.  

The Dracenator, on the other hand, was acting like somebody licked the red off his candy, stomping his feet in the ground and shouting, "My cleats hurt!"  Sigh.

I suppose you can't have it all, but I most definitely feel blessed with more than my share.  

God is good.  

Smile, Dracen!

Smile RIGHT, Dracen!!! 

Oh, I give up!  Let's go!

And to show you that he really does know how to smile, here he is smilin' it up at The Melting Pot Saturday night...


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hello Forty. Let's talk!

Hello Forty, I'm Diane!
How kind of you to show
I think we'll get alone just fine,
though there are things you need to know...

I don't plan to slow down
because you know that I couldn't
I'll never stop dancing
or forget things I shouldn't

My old friends, the Thirties,
gave me dignity and grace
but I could have done without
these little lines left on my face

They are still quite manageable
and I can deal with them fine
but don't get any bright ideas
about leaving your own behind!

I often get these cricks
in my shoulders and my neck
Sometimes my right knee's weak
But I can keep all this in check!

So don't ever try to get me down
or put my back against a wall
Just keep your wrinkles to yo'self
and you and me? We'll have a ball!   

Monday, April 18, 2011

Bye Bye, Thirties!

Well, this is very last day as a thirtysomething. My thirties brought about so many major life changes and while I wouldn't trade any of those years, or the lessons I learned during them, for anything, I am looking forward to my forties and believe they may just be the very best years yet.

Some valuable life lessons I've learned in the past decade...

 1. It is possible to love a second baby every bit as much as the first one.  A wise woman once said, "that second baby is like the icing on the cake."  And how right she was. And while I only had two, I'm sure this is true for each and every one God blesses you with.

2. Tomorrows are never guaranteed to any of us and while I've still not fully mastered it, I know how very wise it is to live each day on this earth as if it were your last and to never put off saying what you truly feel, for you may not ever get another opportunity.  

3. "You only go around once."  Someone once gave Darin that advice when he was struggling with the decision of whether or not to  surprise me with a second Dachshund for Mother's Day one year.  I thought that was the best advice I'd ever heard and I am constantly reminded of it.  Needless to say, he got the dog.  

4. Changing your hairstyle after a major life altering event has a way of saying, "Hey, look at me!  Someone moved my cheese, but I'm adapting, surviving and I'm going to be okay...different, but okay. And probably even better."

5. Empathy is an extremely powerful emotion and sharing a difficult and trying life experience with someone often has a way of creating an immediate bond and priceless friendship.

6. 'Old' friends are one of God's greatest blessings.  Spending time or talking with a friend/friends you've known since adolescence or childhood, re-awakens the soul and keeps your heart and spirit young.  

7. Broken hearts are always mendable, no matter how many times they've been broken.  The key is to never allow yourself to become bitter or cynical about life or love and always be willing to get back in the saddle and give it another shot.  Always be willing to give it another shot.  No matter what.

8. We all make mistakes.  The important thing is to learn from them, grow from them, ask forgiveness for them, and vow to never make them again.  And if you do make them again, rinse and repeat until you get it right.  

9. Holding onto anger and resentment drains you of energy and darkens your spirit.  Letting go frees and enlightens.

10. If you expect others to respect you, then you must first respect yourself.  And be willing to forgive yourself for the times when you didn't.

11. When your gut/intuition tells you something is or isn't right, listen to it!  

12. Prayer works.  Don't ever believe it doesn't. If you start thinking God isn't listening or answering your prayers,  you need to stop and ask yourself why you think that is.  What we want and think is best for us, is not always God's will for our lives and He always knows what is best for us.  This I know for sure.

13. If you get the feeling that God is talking to you and trying to tell you something... lead you to something, then by all means, listen up and pay attention.  

14. Giving is far more rewarding than receiving.  

15. Don't ever look to others for your own fulfillment and happiness.  You and you alone are the only one who holds that power.

Now bring it, 40! 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Friday!

Baseball on Thursday nights has seriously cut into my Fancy Friday prep. time so sorry to disappoint but there is no fancy in my post today....just me and my ramblings. 

I cannot believe I am even still talking about this or that it is even still an issue in my life but that no good, stinkin' root canal I had last month (you know the one that got rescheduled because the endondontist had the flu on the original date?) is still not finished. 

I never knew before since I'd never had one but there are several parts to a root canal procedure.  First you go and have your tooth opened up, though it actually sounds more like your skull is being opened up, and they go in and get the infected part out (or something like that...I was drugged so the details are foggy).  

The canal is filled with some sort of medicine and yada, yada, yada and then you go back for another appointment at a later date to have that stuff taken out and a temporary filling or crown placed before then going to your regular dentist to fork out another buttload of cash for a permanent crown.  

I was supposed to have part two done today but I got a phone call at O seven thirty this morning telling me the doc is sick again and not coming in today.  Say what?!  

Look, I'm not usually one for making assumptions or passing suspicion but either that man gets sick an awful lot or he's got some sort of issues I don't know about.  And that's all I'm gonna say about that. 

Anyway, I'm now rescheduled for  May 5th.  And of course, I haven't even made an appointment for the second root canal yet.  Sweet Lord, will it ever end?  

So, what I should do is go on to pilates with weights today at noon but I think what I'm going to do instead is go shopping for Easter clothes. 

I still haven't bought a dress yet and Easter is the one Sunday a year when I crack down on the boys and force them to wear something other than gym shorts and t-shirts to church and smile pretty for a picture in front of the flowering cross. 

They love it.  Just like I love the dentist. 

I also must go to the Food Lion today since I have stretched it out as far as I possibly can this week and we are now out of milk, juice, bread, yogurt and most importantly, Diet Coke.  Gasp.  I see no way around it. 

But, I am so looking forward to tonight when I will get to spend a little time with two of my best girlfriends, Jenn and Michele, for pedicures.   I haven't seen them in what seems like forever and my toes are way overdue for some tlc.  And since flip flop and sandal season is upon us at last, it is high time they got some.  

Speaking of sandals, I did manage to bookmark about four or five items last night, all while trying to watch Idol and force Dracen to study his spelling words all at the same time.  One of them was the cutest pair of metallic sandals I have ever cast my eyes upon so I feel I must show them to you....

Aren't they awesome?  It's shoe love, plain and simple. 

Y'all have a great weekend!  

Thursday, April 14, 2011

An Aha Moment...I'm a grown up

I didn't have your typical college life.  I attended community college for two years after graduating high school before transferring to a university that was only an hour's drive from home. 

I lived in an on campus suite my first semester.  It was designed for four but there were only two of us so we each had our own room and plenty of room to spread out. 

Still, I went home every weekend.  My mother is the most giving person on the planet and she was still graciously doing my laundry.  I know, I know.  

The next year I lived in an on campus apartment with four teeny tiny bedrooms,  a small living room/kitchen and one bathroom for four girls!  Needless to say, I still went home every weekend.  Mainly to keep tabs on my boyfriend at the time, who had a tendency to stray.

And of course, to have my laundry done.  

The last year I didn't even bother staying down there at all.  I commuted, driving my little 10 year old blue Mazda to its final death and demise.  My gracious mother allowed me to drive her big red Thunderbird until I graduated that May. 

In April, just weeks before I graduated, I met Darin, on my 23rd birthday.  I knew I was going to marry him almost from the very beginning and finally said goodbye to the boyfriend with the wandering eye.  

After graduating I still had no clue what I wanted to do with my life since I had already decided that a career in law enforcement was not for me.  Here I was with a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and no career prospects in sight.  

I wasn't feeling very much like a grown up.

I did find a job pretty quickly, as a receptionist in a chiropractor's office.  The chiropractor had a bad temper and smoked like a chimney and I knew there had to be more to life than this.  I mean, really, I went to school four years for this?    

It lasted about three months.  Maybe not quite that long.  

I had, luckily, saved enough money to make a couple of months' payments on my brand new red Mustang I had bought after graduating and found a job in the finance business that September. 

I continued to live with my mother (who, yes, was still doing my laundry!) though I spent several nights a week at Darin's house. We got married after three years of dating and I finally started doing my own laundry but did I feel like a grown up yet?

Not really.  

We had Devin after two years of marriage so now I was a wife and a working mother but I can't recall a defining moment during that time that said, "you're a grown up now!" 

Darin was a handle it kind of person so I never felt like I was facing the great big world on my own.  If I had a problem, I called him and he would fix it.  

The day after Devin turned four years old, Dracen was born.  Look out world, the Dracenator has arrived!  I was now doing more laundry than I ever cared to do, sleep deprived and a little cranky most of the time, but my family (the one I'd dreamed of) was complete.  

Still...I had not had my Aha moment that told me I had arrived as a bonafide grown up.   
Five months later when the doctor in the ER told me they had done everything they could do to save him but my husband had not survived,  I was in shock.  

I first threw myself to the hospital floor and pitched a little fit like my mother said I used to do when I was a kid and didn't get my way.  As if that would change God's mind and send Darin back to us.  It didn't work.  

Pat (my MIL) stayed the night with us for 3 months after he died so I still wasn't doing it all on my own.  But when her 3 month leave of absence was over and she had to go back to work, the panic set in.

Oh dear Lord, this is it.  I'm going to be on my own for the very first time in my life....with a house to take care of and two little boys to raise.  

Yeah.  That was most definitely the moment I realized I was officially a genuine, bonafide grown up.  I was about to turn 33 years old and I finally felt like a grown up.  
I proved to myself that I had a lot more in me than I had ever given myself credit for and while those (almost) five years of being a single mom were five of the hardest of my life thus far, they taught me so much about me.... the strong, fiery ,determined, handle it side of me, who was there all along.

And now, as I'm happily remarried to another handle it kind of man and approaching my 40th birthday in just five days, I can look back on those years and feel proud...proud that I handled it, proud that I survived it, and proud that I know I have what it takes to be an official gen-u-ine, bonafide grown up...

who still hates doing the laundry. 


This post was written in response to Mama Kat's writer's workshop prompt... The moment I realized I was a grown up.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I had to get up earlier than usual this morning and I believe I've mentioned here once before (okay, more like a hundred and twelve times before, but who's counting?) how I'm not a morning person. 

But there was a second grade field trip and unlike Devin who would very much prefer it if I never showed my face at his school ever again, Dracen still wants mama to come to all his school functions and attend all his field trips.  And since I know from experience that these days of wanting mama around are dangerously numbered, I strive to uphold my perfect field trip attendance. 

In the early morning rush of getting everyone up, packing field trip lunches, serving a delicious breakfast of microwave pancakes and Corn Flakes and getting myself ready, I remembered that I still had not gone through the sock basket. 

Ugghhh....the dreaded SOCK BASKET.  Nothing depresses me more. 

Here's how it works....  I gather up all the dirty clothes, wash them, dry them and then fold everything except the socks which I throw all together.  At the end, I try to match them up though it never, ever fails that I end up with a pile of lonely, incompatible singles and very few happily matched couples. 

So I throw all those singles together in the singles basket as if they'll somehow magically find their soul (or in this case, I guess 'sole' is more appropriate) mate and be living happily ever after when I go to retrieve them.  But, of course, that magic never happens and I'm left with a hot mess which I find myself searching frantically through as I'm rushing against the clock to get us out of the house on time. 

I found Dracen a perfect match but as I went to take them to him, I heard yelling which told me he was in the midst of his daily morning bathroom argument with Devin to which I yelled back and then Devin let out his surrender call and said he was done and therefore exiting the bathroom. 

I put the socks on my dresser and went back to searching my closet high and low for my little travel backpack because I didn't want to interrupt what sounded like progression.  But, of course, with all the extra stuff I had to remember this morning, I forgot all about the socks. 

I told y'all a couple of months back about catching him trying to wear my fuzzy blue and white striped house socks to school.  I caught him, thank the good Lord, in the act of trying to get his shoes on over those big fluffy things that were entirely too big for his little skinny feet and put a dead halt to that little charade before it ever made it out the door. 

That is just how the Dracenator rolls.  He is extremely comfortable in his own skin and doesn't give a flyin' flip about what anyone is going to think of his fashion faux pas.  I have to admit, I envy this trait a bit myself because he most definitely did not inherit it from me. 

So, we made it into the school this morning and I was standing in his classroom listening to the announcements and pledging allegiance to the flag until time to leave for the field trip when I look over and see that he is sporting his tall kelly green baseball socks underneath his pants that have somehow started to resemble high waters since he wore them a week ago.   

I thought to myself... Ahh...Sweet.  Okay it was more like What tha? as I remembered the appropriately matched pair that were happily reunited and laying atop my dresser at home.  They didn't match his blue field trip shirt either, not even a little bit, but he couldn't have cared less.

And after I thought about it a minute, neither did I.  Because, really, what does a pair of kelly green socks that don't match your outfit have to do with having a good time after all? 

Not a thing...Not a jolly green thing! 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Fancy Friday...Easter Dresses

I always got a new Easter dress when I was a kid.  My mom would roll my hair and tie it back with a pretty bow and I was in girly girl heaven.

I wore shorts and pants most of the time but only because it was more convenient and appropriate to ride a bike, jump on a trampoline, or hang upside down from the monkey bars in them.  Definitely not because I was opposed to dresses.  I loved them. 

While I still spend most of my time in pants, I still love dresses and usually still buy myself a new Easter dress every year.  I try to pick something comfortable and versatile enough that I will want to wear again and again...

like this Riviera Dress I found at Boden.  It comes in several cute prints but this blue polka dot is my favorite.  I'd dress it up with a cardigan, a strappy pair of sandals or kitten heels and my pearls for Easter but it would also make a great summer dress just as it is.

Charter Club Dress, Sleeveless Linen with Belt
I love the feel of linen and the flattering cut of the A-line dress.  On sale for 64.99 at Macy's. 

Adrianna Papell Print Overlay Dress
I think this is one of those that would just need to be tried on but I love the look of it.  Fancy!

Maggy London Pleat Trim Dress

I don't think a dress could get any more Springy than this!  Nordstrom also has a yellow silk and cotton cropped cardigan that looks so cute with it. 

Berry Months Dress
I normally try to stay away from anything I'm going to have to wear a strapless bra with but I think this dress is totally worth the trouble.  Love.

How Was Your Day Dress in Pink
So feminine and retro!

Deuce Coupe Darling Dress
I am loving the retro feel of these dresses from ModCloth.  I just wish this one came in more colors.

Portrait-Collar Wrap Dress
I love the flowy look of this Chadwick's dress.  It looks so put-together, yet comfortable too.  Also comes in yellow.

I'm in love with this dress by Jessica Simpson. Unfortunately it's only currently available in one size and that size is not mine.    

BCBGMaxazria Cowl Neck Sheath Dress
This dress is so bright and cheerful while soft and feminine at the same time.  I think it would make the perfect Easter dress.  

Happy Friday! Hope y'all have a great weekend!  It's supposed to reach 85 here Sunday.  Bring on the sandals and flip flops! 

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Broke My Own Rule

The first date I went on, as a widow, when I decided to start dating again was with a very kind Christian man who just happened to be recently separated.  

He had not been married very long at all (6 months I think) when his wife decided that she just could not handle the thought of her ex-husband, and father of her daughter, taking another woman around her little girl so she went back to him.  

Or at least that is the story I was given and the one he believed to be true though I know there are usually several different versions of any one story. 

We met at a restaurant and he was the perfect gentleman but the main topic of our conversation?  Yep.  His ex.  Clearly, though he had assured me he was ready, this man was in no way ready to move forward and had no business dating. 

We had a nice dinner though and at the end of the night he said he'd like to see me again and that he'd call me. 

He called me the next day and wanted to see me again the next weekend.  I told him I just didn't feel comfortable getting a babysitter and going on another date again so soon though I should have just told him the truth, which was that I had no desire to get involved with a man who was still pining for his ex. 

I made a rule right then and there that I would not, under any circumstances, go on a date with anyone else who was "separated". Divorced was okay, but separated?  Not happening. 

I stuck to my guns too.  Everyone I went out with, I met through online dating services which worked perfectly for me because I could screen them out thoroughly before deciding whether or not I wanted to date them.

There were several who, though they seemed great in every other way, I turned flat down because that little relationship status box showed separated.  No matter how hard they tried to convince me it was simply a technicality, (you have to be legally separated for one full year before you can apply for divorce in the state of North Carolina) I would.not.budge. 

I had been back in the dating field for almost two years when Charlie sent me a message on Yahoo.  He made me laugh right away, which is a huge plus in my little book, and seemed like someone I could have a lot of fun with if nothing else.  And his relationship status?  Divorced. 

Or at least that's what it said on his profile. 

We met at a restaurant and I liked him right away.  He was funny, smart, tall with thick curly hair, and obviously had a lot on the ball.  Then...then...he lets the cat out of the bag!

He was NOT divorced yet.  He had only been legally separated for a few months though he assured me that ship had sailed.  

At one point in our conversation, he tells me how he sees himself having a girlfriend who, and I quote "has her own place and I have my own place and we just visit". 

I gave him a polite smile and a nod but inside I was thinking, "I hear ya, big stuff!  Next!"  

I told myself, though I had a wonderful time on our date, that I was going to line myself up another date and I did, for two weeks later.  However, Charlie and I kept emailing each other all that next week and saw each other two or three more times before time for that next date.   

I had spent the entire day with him on that day, two weeks later, when it came time for me to get ready for my other date.  But my heart was just not in it.  I didn't want to go on that date. 

I knew I was breaking my one major rule here that I said I would never, ever break by getting involved with a man not yet legally divorced but everything about him told me to take a chance on him. 

So I told him that I had a dilemma and didn't quite know what to do about it.  He seemed a little taken aback by my confession and honesty and asked if he needed to leave.  I looked at him with my No, you big dummy  look and said, "No.  I don't want to go on that date but I need to know one thing...Are we going to be exclusive?" 

He said he hadn't even thought about going on a date with another woman since the night he met me so I took a leap of faith, went against my own rules and broke that other date as nicely as I could.

We got married 18 months later. Sometimes it pays to listen to your heart and break your own rules! 

This post was written in response to Mama Kat's writer's workshop prompt.   "A rule I broke" 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...After the Storm

Turns out we got luckier than I realized during those 'hailacious'  storms that rolled through here Monday night. 

These photos were taken at my inlaws' house. 

There was another  huge tree down over the creek in the woods behind the house but we were about to be late for baseball practice so there was no time for a traipse down through the woods...
This is right behind their house, that was thankfully spared.

I don't even know how that picnic table is still standing.
The truck miraculously seems to be spared too.

Cleaning up!

And the swing remains unharmed...

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Storm and a Song

Mother Nature was in a horrible mood here at my house last night.  We awoke around 1:30 a.m. to flashing lightning, howling winds and pelting hail.  In other words, she pitched a big ol' fit.  

 Luckily, the house is still standing and the only damage we had was the snapping of a large tree in the woods behind the house.  It's never a good feeling to be surrounded on all sides by giant old trees when a fierce storm rolls in so I was breathing a sigh of relief when that one finally rolled out.

Many are without power still.  Thankfully, ours only flashed off and on at some point, just long enough to mess up all the digital clocks in the house and to somehow manage to blow out Dracen's light bulb in the lamp beside his bed that he insists on leaving on all night. 

He burst into our room in his Hugh Hefner robe that is now getting too short on him and shouted out, "I can't sleep!"  I don't think he expected to find us up and peering out the windows but once he realized we were on board with his feeling that this was a serious matter, he calmed right down.   

Devin and the Darling wieners didn't feel it necessary to leave the comfort of their warm beds though Devin assured me this morning that he woke up and just chose not to get up. I wish I had gotten some pictures of the hail slamming into the deck and glass doors though truthfully, I was a little too frightened to stand that close to the door long enough to take pictures. 

In other news, I heard a song in the car last week on XM 7, the 70's station, that took me back to my 70's childhood and had me singing along at the top of my lungs.  I came straight home and googled it. Turns out it was released in 1971 so it is turning 40 along with me this two weeks from today to be exact!   

I found an old video on YouTube of the band, Ocean, singing it back then.  It was at the top of the billboard charts that year...pretty impressive for a gospel song, don't ya think?  I haven't been able to get it out of my head all week and I thought it was especially appropriate today after the stilling of that storm last night.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fancy Friday...Color Me Happy

Happy April! 

I believe Spring is finally trying to come back to my neck of the woods since the sun has crept back out this morning and highs are supposed to get back to 60.   Considering we've been in the 40's and wet most of the week, I'll take it! 

I'm sure y'all have noticed that bold pops of color are still popular again this year so that is what I'll be focusing on today.

First up is this  Pinwheel Tank from Anthropologie.They are calling this pink though it appears more coral to me. Either way, it's definitely bright and cheerful. I can see it with a white pair of capris and some cute sandals.

Pure Radiance Scarf
This happy scarf could brighten up even the drabbest of days.

Frye Joy Huarache Sling
These platforms, in my opinion, are the perfect shade of yellow for adding an unexpected pop of color to your Spring/Summer wardrobe. But, if yellow is just not your thing, they come in a total of 11 colors, including purple, blue, orange, black and green!

Pleated Front Shell
I'm loving the tropical feel of this colorful shell from The Limited.

Posie-cure Shoe Clips
I found these adorable little things marked down to $7.99 at ModCloth. I know they're shoe clips but you could also clip them to a purse or in your hair or maybe on a cardigan. Fancy Schmancy.

Leprechaun Luck Rainbow Bracelet
Because who couldn't benefit from a lucky leprechaun bracelet?

Hive and Honey Shirred Ruffle Henley
Ruffles and it's 100% soft jersey cotton? What is not to love?

Mar y Sol - opal multi-color raffia clutch
I swear I saw this in Real Simple like a year ago and fell in love with it then. It recently showed up again in an edition of Lucky and I have fallen in love with it all over again. I just wish it were about half the $65 price tag.

San Pedro Pencil Skirt
I never would have thought about a pencil skirt in a bright color like this but this yellow one from Anthropologie caught my eye right away. Also comes in a bright turquoise.

Women's Embroidered Drop-Waist Jersey Tops
The beginning of the description of this top from Old Navy cracked me up... quaint on top, flirty along the bottom... something about that reminded me of the in the front, party in the back! What can I say? You can take the girl outta the 80's but you can't take the 80's outta the girl! Ha.
Since we are talking about bright colors today, I'm showing the "aqualicious" one but this comes in sooo many other colors and it's on sale right now for $9.50!

Beaded Bracelets
When I first saw this I thought it was just one bracelet but it is actually a set of 10. So beachy.

Cotton Knit Scarf
How's this for a bold pop of color? Also comes in 'cherry'. Marked down from $29.50 to $9.97 at Land's End Canvas.

The Heritage Ballet Flat
This Land's End Canvas suede flat reminds me so much of my red pair by Nine West that I have just about worn to death because they are the most comfortable pair of flats I have ever owned. Oh, I need these!

Dana Buchman Reese Satchel Bag
Love this shade of green.

Lightweight Zip-Up Hoodie
I know a hoodie is not the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word 'fancy' but this would be perfect for chilly nights at the baseball field.  Comes in 7 different colors.  $24.99 at Chadwick's. 

And that is all I've got for today.  Y'all have a great first day of April!  Oh, and don't forget to watch your back!...It's April Fool's Day.  I must concoct a clever prank to play on the boys this afternoon because what kind of mother would I be if I didn't? MuaHaHaa!!!   

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