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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Storm and a Song

Mother Nature was in a horrible mood here at my house last night.  We awoke around 1:30 a.m. to flashing lightning, howling winds and pelting hail.  In other words, she pitched a big ol' fit.  

 Luckily, the house is still standing and the only damage we had was the snapping of a large tree in the woods behind the house.  It's never a good feeling to be surrounded on all sides by giant old trees when a fierce storm rolls in so I was breathing a sigh of relief when that one finally rolled out.

Many are without power still.  Thankfully, ours only flashed off and on at some point, just long enough to mess up all the digital clocks in the house and to somehow manage to blow out Dracen's light bulb in the lamp beside his bed that he insists on leaving on all night. 

He burst into our room in his Hugh Hefner robe that is now getting too short on him and shouted out, "I can't sleep!"  I don't think he expected to find us up and peering out the windows but once he realized we were on board with his feeling that this was a serious matter, he calmed right down.   

Devin and the Darling wieners didn't feel it necessary to leave the comfort of their warm beds though Devin assured me this morning that he woke up and just chose not to get up. I wish I had gotten some pictures of the hail slamming into the deck and glass doors though truthfully, I was a little too frightened to stand that close to the door long enough to take pictures. 

In other news, I heard a song in the car last week on XM 7, the 70's station, that took me back to my 70's childhood and had me singing along at the top of my lungs.  I came straight home and googled it. Turns out it was released in 1971 so it is turning 40 along with me this two weeks from today to be exact!   

I found an old video on YouTube of the band, Ocean, singing it back then.  It was at the top of the billboard charts that year...pretty impressive for a gospel song, don't ya think?  I haven't been able to get it out of my head all week and I thought it was especially appropriate today after the stilling of that storm last night.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did...


  1. We had 2 trees fall across our driveway and yard. Our truck would have normally been where one of the trees fell, but my husband found 4 kittens under some hay in the back of the truck, yesterday. So, he put it under the carport. Safe truck and safe kittens:) We couldn't get out this morning so our neighbors came and got our kids and took them to school. We didn't even know the trees fell until about 5 minutes before we were leaving for school. I guess what we thought was thunder was trees falling. From our house, we can see about a dozen trees that were uprooted. It smells like Christmas from all the snapped pine trees. Since we live on a college campus, they were already cutting on trees by 8:00. Our drive was cleared by 1:00.

    Glad we were safe and you guys, too.

  2. Hugh Heffner robe!! He put it on BEFORE busting into the room?? I love this child.

  3. I'm pretty sure that lightening and thunder scare me every bit as much as earthquakes. :)

  4. The winds can be terrifying, can't they? I get scared when I see how far the tree branches bend over. How far from me are you?

  5. We had a nasty storm here too last night. My parents' power was out for over 8 hours. Our power stayed on, but I was happy I was off work and got to sleep through it all!
    I remember that song, but had forgotten all about it! It is a great song.