Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day 30, Mountain Magic

The boys are out of school today and tomorrow for teacher workdays so we are taking a little mini-vacation in a cozy-retro-feely house nestled in the woods at 4200 feet elevation. I've been many places in the North Carolina mountains but this is my first visit to Maggie Valley and I swear I think I may have heard a choir of angels singing when I stepped out of the car at this place. Because

The weather could not have been more perfect today though tomorrow is supposed to be cooler and cloudy while Saturday is looking like snow with highs in the 30s! The nice lady who owns the cabin called me this morning before we left to see if I wanted to reschedule for another time but I told her we were actually looking forward to seeing a little snow. If it happens (and it sounds like it's definitely going to) it will be the first time in my life I've encountered fall colors and snow in the same scene. I am beyond excited.

Today though...Today in itself was magical. At one point I was walking alone with Li'l Bit (Charlene) in the woods, the birds were flitting around, the sky was as blue as I've ever seen it, the leaves were thick under my feet with their vibrant autumn hues overheard and I suddenly got those chills (the ones I call spiritual chills) all over and I heard Kenny Chesney's voice singing...I believe there is magic here.  I know he is singing about a place near the sea in that song but I believe there is magic right here in these mountains. Thin Places? Oh yeah, this is one of those.

And when I stumbled upon this mirror on the outdoor shed? I knew it was...magic.  Pure Magic.

Then I sat down on the ground in the sun, with Li'l Bit on my lap, and recalled this quote...

Especially when said dog is wearing her angel wings for Halloween.

To be continued...

Day 30

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Writing Anyway

It is now day 29 and I just had to give myself a pep talk (after about 5 million cursor blinks) to push through because I was beginning to feel a bit like I've used up all my words and ideas on this concept of Everyday Magic. One day, about halfway through the month, I did a search of all my old posts using the words magic and magical. Turns out, I really have a thing for it. Never once though did I use it in the traditional sense that most people tend to think of when they hear the word. 

I guess I could have used the word miracles instead or maybe beauty, or perhaps even extraordinary. Everyday Extraordinary does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it? But for whatever reason, I chose magic.  Maybe that turned some people off and kept them from clicking over from the Write31Days where my little link rests like a tiny drop of water in a great big ocean of creativity and talent, but for the precious few of you who have followed along, whether you've done so silently or have faithfully given me the ole thumbs up on Facebook, thank you. Sincerely. It means more than you know.

There have been some days, like yesterday, when the words just seemed to write themselves. Then there have been those when the art of sharing my introverted thoughts (again) with any and all who choose to read them (or pass them by) has felt like the most daunting task imaginable. Each time, however, after I finally will the feelings to form words and then string them together into coherent sentences that appear on this screen from my own humble fingertips, it brings me the greatest satisfaction and sense of accomplishment. And I think it has been in those days that I've been most proud of myself.

Writing is my outlet and I didn't realize just how much I had missed it for those way-too-many months I strayed from it this year. I found it (or maybe it found me) at a time in my life when the tears were always on the verge of spilling over and my knees were hitting the floor daily. It felt an awful lot like magic (at least my definition of it) then and it feels an awful lot like magic now. It truly is a passion, a gift from God, and even if my words never appear anywhere outside the pages of this little blog, it will continue to be just that. 


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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Beauty All Around

It's the sound of church bells 
in the middle of the week, 
a purchase that rings up
to a round number,
a bird flying alongside your car,
the first breath of ocean air
when you arrive at the coast,
a baby's smile from
behind a pacifier.
Or maybe you see a man
with headphones singing and
dancing his way down the street
as you wait for the light to turn green,
or a hummingbird that takes a drink 
from your feeder, then buzzes over
 to the glass door 
to greet you before it flies away.
It's secretly witnessing the sincere smile
of a loved one when they are
absorbed in something they find amusing,
or receiving an invitation from a friend
you haven't seen in awhile.
It's  a 'thank you' in the mail,
an unexpected compliment
when you're feeling blue,
the sound of light thunder
and steady rain in
the middle of the night,
or the look of pure joy on a dog's face
as the wind hits his
face through the car window.
It's wrapping your freezing hands
around a hot cup of coffee
or hot chocolate,
walking into an air-conditioned
building when it's unbearably
hot outside,
 looking up to a pink sky,
a full or crescent moon
on a clear night,
or the heavenly sight of
sun rays shining down
brilliantly through the billowy clouds,
or a bright red bird singing
its happy song from a treetop
 outside your window.
These magical, miraculous,
phenomenal, breathtaking, astounding,
magnificent, extraordinary things
are always around you, above you,
in front of you, beside you, and within you,
 even (and probably especially)
when you are in the midst
 of your darkest storm.

All you have to do is look.

"There's beauty all around you. All you have to do is look." ~Darin Poovey

Day 28

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