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Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Rain

Our summer thus far has consisted of rain, rain, rain and a side dish of rain. Seriously. Did someone move North Carolina to the rain forest without notifying me? All that mulch we spent hours grueling over has now been washed out in several places and will have to be fixed. If it.ever.drys.out. And I am beginning to wonder. 

The sky did manage to clear off (for a few hours) on the 4th so we headed to the minor league baseball game I had purchased advance tickets for because they do fireworks after the game. Once we finally got into the stadium after waiting for a ridiculous amount of time trying to get turned in with all the traffic and then being told to drive over the curb to park in the wet grass because there were no more parking spaces, the game had already started and we'd missed the singing of the national anthem. 

But we had excellent seats and it wasn't raining. At least until the 7th inning...when the bottom.fell.out! Then we spent a good 40 minutes all crammed underneath the shelters around the concession stands getting way too up close and personal with total strangers. The rain finally subsided, the fireworks were shot off and we were promised more baseball. So we sat in our wet seats and watched them prepare the field for nearly an hour before they finally announced that it was not gonna be happenin' tonight. 

But aside from all the rain...

Dracen has managed to get a little fishing in. He somehow conned (the night before) his way into his popaw's fishing trip to the Uwharrie River a few weeks ago, where they caught this...

Charlie and I (and the Darlings) enjoyed our anniversary weekend in this little cottage just outside of Asheville...

They were fascinated with the rushing mountain stream off the back deck.
Devin enjoyed that same weekend at Lake Junaluska with the youth group...
I was told they flipped the canoe...on purpose.
(Not my photo: I stole it from facebook.)
We settled on this teak bench as our anniversary gift...
It was, of course, raining when I took this shot through the window. Maybe one day it will dry out
enough so that we can actually sit and sip iced tea on it.
A couple of bluebirds has moved in and laid eggs in the birdhouse Dracen and Popaw built...
Best shot I've managed to get so far...through the rain and the window.

I think I see the sun peeking out today so fingers crossed that we won't have to leave town on the ark before the end of summer.

New 4th of July duds...I bribed them with cheese.

Trying to stay dry,
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