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Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Friday!

Baseball on Thursday nights has seriously cut into my Fancy Friday prep. time so sorry to disappoint but there is no fancy in my post today....just me and my ramblings. 

I cannot believe I am even still talking about this or that it is even still an issue in my life but that no good, stinkin' root canal I had last month (you know the one that got rescheduled because the endondontist had the flu on the original date?) is still not finished. 

I never knew before since I'd never had one but there are several parts to a root canal procedure.  First you go and have your tooth opened up, though it actually sounds more like your skull is being opened up, and they go in and get the infected part out (or something like that...I was drugged so the details are foggy).  

The canal is filled with some sort of medicine and yada, yada, yada and then you go back for another appointment at a later date to have that stuff taken out and a temporary filling or crown placed before then going to your regular dentist to fork out another buttload of cash for a permanent crown.  

I was supposed to have part two done today but I got a phone call at O seven thirty this morning telling me the doc is sick again and not coming in today.  Say what?!  

Look, I'm not usually one for making assumptions or passing suspicion but either that man gets sick an awful lot or he's got some sort of issues I don't know about.  And that's all I'm gonna say about that. 

Anyway, I'm now rescheduled for  May 5th.  And of course, I haven't even made an appointment for the second root canal yet.  Sweet Lord, will it ever end?  

So, what I should do is go on to pilates with weights today at noon but I think what I'm going to do instead is go shopping for Easter clothes. 

I still haven't bought a dress yet and Easter is the one Sunday a year when I crack down on the boys and force them to wear something other than gym shorts and t-shirts to church and smile pretty for a picture in front of the flowering cross. 

They love it.  Just like I love the dentist. 

I also must go to the Food Lion today since I have stretched it out as far as I possibly can this week and we are now out of milk, juice, bread, yogurt and most importantly, Diet Coke.  Gasp.  I see no way around it. 

But, I am so looking forward to tonight when I will get to spend a little time with two of my best girlfriends, Jenn and Michele, for pedicures.   I haven't seen them in what seems like forever and my toes are way overdue for some tlc.  And since flip flop and sandal season is upon us at last, it is high time they got some.  

Speaking of sandals, I did manage to bookmark about four or five items last night, all while trying to watch Idol and force Dracen to study his spelling words all at the same time.  One of them was the cutest pair of metallic sandals I have ever cast my eyes upon so I feel I must show them to you....

Aren't they awesome?  It's shoe love, plain and simple. 

Y'all have a great weekend!  


  1. Let's see, how many similiarities can I found with you and me within this post:

    I can totally relate to the root canals. YUK. I think I've probably had 3. (Hopefully you won't ever have to have a root canal done THROUGH a permanent crown. Long story.)

    I can also relate to the Diet Coke. It's usually the most important thing on my grocery list.

    And my BFF and I had pedicures on Wednesday! Heavenly!

  2. The shoes are fantastic. Did you order them?

  3. Root canals are the worst! I had to have a double root canal a few weeks ago (and am still in the process since it takes 3,000 visits (or so! ;)) to get them completed. And they are SO expensive (even with insurance!) UGHH!!!!

    *On a side note...I see another commenter wrote about a root canal through a permanent crown!??! OH MY! I hope that NEVER happens to me! :) But with my "luck" in regards to teeth, I wouldn't be surprised! :)

    Have a great weekend! :) Enjoy Easter shopping!

  4. Never had a root canal. But, my crowned tooth is really nice. It's a little more sensitive, though.

    I always ask my dentist "how's my fake tooth?" I don't think he thinks it's funny.

    So, glad it's the weekend!!!!