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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I had to get up earlier than usual this morning and I believe I've mentioned here once before (okay, more like a hundred and twelve times before, but who's counting?) how I'm not a morning person. 

But there was a second grade field trip and unlike Devin who would very much prefer it if I never showed my face at his school ever again, Dracen still wants mama to come to all his school functions and attend all his field trips.  And since I know from experience that these days of wanting mama around are dangerously numbered, I strive to uphold my perfect field trip attendance. 

In the early morning rush of getting everyone up, packing field trip lunches, serving a delicious breakfast of microwave pancakes and Corn Flakes and getting myself ready, I remembered that I still had not gone through the sock basket. 

Ugghhh....the dreaded SOCK BASKET.  Nothing depresses me more. 

Here's how it works....  I gather up all the dirty clothes, wash them, dry them and then fold everything except the socks which I throw all together.  At the end, I try to match them up though it never, ever fails that I end up with a pile of lonely, incompatible singles and very few happily matched couples. 

So I throw all those singles together in the singles basket as if they'll somehow magically find their soul (or in this case, I guess 'sole' is more appropriate) mate and be living happily ever after when I go to retrieve them.  But, of course, that magic never happens and I'm left with a hot mess which I find myself searching frantically through as I'm rushing against the clock to get us out of the house on time. 

I found Dracen a perfect match but as I went to take them to him, I heard yelling which told me he was in the midst of his daily morning bathroom argument with Devin to which I yelled back and then Devin let out his surrender call and said he was done and therefore exiting the bathroom. 

I put the socks on my dresser and went back to searching my closet high and low for my little travel backpack because I didn't want to interrupt what sounded like progression.  But, of course, with all the extra stuff I had to remember this morning, I forgot all about the socks. 

I told y'all a couple of months back about catching him trying to wear my fuzzy blue and white striped house socks to school.  I caught him, thank the good Lord, in the act of trying to get his shoes on over those big fluffy things that were entirely too big for his little skinny feet and put a dead halt to that little charade before it ever made it out the door. 

That is just how the Dracenator rolls.  He is extremely comfortable in his own skin and doesn't give a flyin' flip about what anyone is going to think of his fashion faux pas.  I have to admit, I envy this trait a bit myself because he most definitely did not inherit it from me. 

So, we made it into the school this morning and I was standing in his classroom listening to the announcements and pledging allegiance to the flag until time to leave for the field trip when I look over and see that he is sporting his tall kelly green baseball socks underneath his pants that have somehow started to resemble high waters since he wore them a week ago.   

I thought to myself... Ahh...Sweet.  Okay it was more like What tha? as I remembered the appropriately matched pair that were happily reunited and laying atop my dresser at home.  They didn't match his blue field trip shirt either, not even a little bit, but he couldn't have cared less.

And after I thought about it a minute, neither did I.  Because, really, what does a pair of kelly green socks that don't match your outfit have to do with having a good time after all? 

Not a thing...Not a jolly green thing! 


  1. You are such a great story teller and mom.

  2. I am catching up on laundry, today. Not my kids...mine and my hubby's. He had no clean underwear and I was out of jeans. For instance, right now, I'm folding clothes and checking the blog. Before I got to the blog I started putting all the stay clothes that were in my bedroom on the kitchen counter. We have 11 people's worth of laundry. I really don't remember who all gets what. That's why I usually label, label, label, even socks. So,I threw some more socks in the sock baskets. I have 2-3 such baskets. My boys could care less about whether their socks match or not. And, really most of my girls mis match on purpose. I draw the line with "holy" socks. If I see holy socks and underwear, you better watch out. It immediately goes to the trash.

    Dracen is his own man. What a great compliment that he is "comfortable in his own skin".

  3. Cute story! Love "magically find their soul/sole mate"!

    The picture of your little fella in his green socks made me smile! At least they matched!

  4. You must listen to Joe Scruggs song By The Way your blog so reminded me of that song. Enjoy those days they grow up way too fast. When I had 4 little ones at home I would buy all new socks once a year and give all the old ones to charity. I didn't feel guilty for burdening the charity though because I hoped their were loads of people desperate for dust socks!

  5. Awesome! Completely awesome. Awesome that your son could care less about fashion faux pas...what kid does.
    And Awesome that I am not the only one with a basket of unmatched socks that seem to taking over the house.

  6. This morning we were looking for "chapel socks". On Wednesday, today, our girls have to wear navy tights or navy knee socks. Guess what we were looking for this morning:)

  7. Oh too funny!

    I am thankful that we are back in croc weather so I don't have to deal with socks!

  8. He looks like he had an absolute blast!!! :-)

    My son is determined to wear black knee socks with every pair of shorts I put him in this spring thus far. WITH SANDALS!!!

    I'm raising an old man!!