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Friday, October 3, 2014

Conscious Hearts

When my boys were younger they seemed to be always under my feet but as they've gotten older, they have become much more independent, spending most of their time basking in the solitude of their own rooms. And I get it. I do. I haven't completely forgotten what it's like to be of that age.

We still see much more of Dracen than Devin since he has only recently entered this stage and also because he feels the need to express his opinion (and countless theories and ideas) to anyone within earshot. Devin, on the other hand, we often only see when he is passing through rooms.  

As of late though, I've noticed a subtle shift in him. It's as if he's coming back to me in a sense, not as my little boy (there's nothing little about him these days). Rather, I am catching glimpses of the future man in him beginning to emerge and while bittersweet, fills me with a sense of joy, pride and gratefulness.  

Last night while Charlie and I were watching t.v. (another episode of Naked and Afraid) he waltzed into the living room and sat beside me on the couch, finishing out the episode with us, even participating in our commentary throughout the show.  If you haven't seen the show, don't worry, they blur out the naked bits and it's really just a survival show, only in the nude. Weird? Yes. Addictive? Obviously.

Anyway, show aside. I played it cool when he joined us but on the inside I was smiling from ear to ear and experiencing a sort of warm glowing gratitude deep within my soul. I was in the moment, as small as it was, and appreciating it for all that it was.  

I was being "conscious of my treasures" which brought the magic to an otherwise ordinary moment.


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  1. Naked and Afraid is pretty addicting:) Our friend, who has been an educator for years, assures me that kids get back to being normal sometime around their freshman year of high school. I'm waiting for that to happen with mine.

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