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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Little Joys

Okay, it's the 15th consecutive day of blogging and whew, I feel like I hit a wall with it today. Sometimes the words just.won't.come. It's really just been an uneventful couple of days, unless of course you count the tornado warning yesterday. Nothing like driving down a country road and getting an alert on your phone telling you there is a threat of tornado in the area and to seek shelter immediately. Thankfully, I never had to actually seek the shelter and the worst that came of it was waiting in the car rider line at school for over 35 minutes, nervously watching the sky, because the kids had been sitting in the hallways.

There was this moment yesterday in yoga when I took the plunge on a difficult pose that has always felt awkward and that we've always used a block for. Out of the blue, just as I was about to put the block in position, I got a wild hair of courage and thought, Ah what the heck, I'm gonna try it without the block today. And lo and behold, I did. I actually did it. I remained completely stoic on the outside (because it's yoga class) (and I'm an introvert) but I was cutting flips on the inside as I had the thought that yes, that right there felt a lot like magic. 

I probably never would have shared that small personal triumph had I not challenged myself to seek these sweet little moments out for this 31 days.  Nor would I have given as much thought to the fact that Devin took it upon himself (something he has started doing in the recent past) to go out and mow the grass without being asked this afternoon. Never mind that he did it while wearing his new what-I-call-his-camouflage-bedroom shoes. He got them a couple of days ago and for the life of me, I couldn't understand why on earth he'd want those ugly things.

When I asked him where he was going to wear them he said, "Everywhere".  Fabulous. So far he hasn't worn them to school but he did wear them to Dracen's baseball game Monday night. He likes to refer to them as his "redneck elevens" because they are size 11. And covered in camo. When he sported them Monday night, he paired them with the 27 year old "Hawthorn Hippie, 1987-1988" t-shirt he'd worn to school that day.  It was an old college shirt of Darin's I'd found with some more of his old clothes last week. 

I knew when I pulled that out of the tote that he would be all about it. I washed it and a few others and put them in his room one day while he was at school. All he said was, "Where'd these shirts come from?" But come Monday morning, he showed up to breakfast in the Hawthorn Hippie. I just smiled to myself because what can I say? I know my kids. 

Yep, it's still the little things.

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