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Friday, October 24, 2014

Simple Songs that Soothe

I always say that Def Leppard/Queensryche was the first concert I ever attended, way back in 1988, when in actuality that was my first mega concert. The first one was a few years earlier (we still lived in Georgia) when my mom, stepdad, brother and I went to see the great Don Williams. The exact year has left me but I know it was summertime with some weirdly cool temperatures going on for that time of year.

As I've mentioned before, my taste is music is extremely diversified. If looked upon by a stranger, my music library would probably seem as though it belongs to that of a person with a multiple personality disorder because I am all over the board with it. My musical taste simply knows no bounds. Opening up that music app and hitting 'shuffle'  is a lot like Forrest Gump's mama's advice on life being like a box of chocolates because you just never know what you're gonna get. 

A couple of days ago I quickly scanned through all my songs and and made a new playlist that I named "Right Now". Obviously none of these songs are currently right now. They are just where I'm at, if that makes any sense whatsoever. 
In it is Don Williams' hit song from 1980, I Believe In You. I just consulted Google to discover that it was his only song to hit the Top 40 charts and stayed at number one for two weeks. I don't think I'ver ever heard Don Williams sing a song I didn't love but there's something extra special about this one.

It's such a simple song, yet extraordinary all at once. There is just a serene quality about his voice that always lifts my spirits and calms my soul. This particular song has me singing along and nodding in agreement each and every time I hear it and yes, it is one of the many that gets cranked up way too loud when I'm driving alone in my car. I get every single word of these lyrics, written by Roger Cook and Sam Hogin, but these are my favorite.
I also discovered (to my great delight) that Mr. Williams is still making his beautiful music today, at 75 years old. Here's a little gem I found of him singing I Believe In You at a concert last year.

Like magic to my ears,
Day 24
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  1. Great song.
    Funnily enough I was watching "Country at the BBC" on my DVR last night and Don Williams was on singing "Amanda".

    I've held it all inward
    Lord knows I've tried
    It's an awful awakenin'
    In a country boy's life
    To look in the mirror
    In total surprise
    At the hair on your shoulders
    And the age in your eyes.

    Amanda light of my life
    Fate should have made you a gentle man's wife
    Amanda light of my life
    Fate should have made you a gentle man's wife.

    Well the measure of people
    Don't understand
    The pleasures of life
    In a hillbilly band
    I got my first guitar
    When I was fourteen
    Now I'm crowding thirty
    And still wearin' jeans.

    As you say, magic to the ears.