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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Positive Perspectives

I had the best intentions of spending my day being productive around the house but after about the 129th piece of laundry I folded, the realization hit me that I'm either coming down with something or the stars just aren't aligned right because my legs are aching, my mind is foggy and I feel as though I could sleep for about five hundred hours. Never mind that I slept until nearly ten this morning.

But this 31 days show must.go.on. Why did I decide to do this again? Sure, I could say the heck with it and skip a day. I'm not sure anyone would notice (I've checked my stats). A promise is a promise though, even when made to oneself, and I do love the sense of accomplishment I feel when I click 'Publish' and go over to add one more post to that working list of thirty-one, knowing I'm one step closer to the finish line. 

There is, after all, a certain magic in taking a step back to appreciate works our own hands have created and giving a little triumphant nod and exhale of a job well-done. 

I've felt it after I've straightened up my closet (for the 6 millionth time) or mopped all the floors, or painted an old piece of furniture or walls of a room, or written words from the heart. When we had the florist Dana used to get tickled at me when I was working on an arrangement because I was always stepping way back (sometimes into things) to gain a different perspective on it. I do the same thing when I'm getting dressed, fixing my hair, placing items just-so in a lunchbox or arranging things on a shelf. 

Sometimes it's all about the way we look at things. Choosing to focus on all the little things we've accomplished, bit by bit, rather than dwelling on and pointing out all the things we didn't quite get around to again today is (in my book) one of the greatest keys to happiness. The good Lord knows I'm a work in progress on it but I like to think I'm getting closer...

Day 25

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  1. I love it! ....and I'm still reading! Oddly enough, out of the blue, last week Gmail started bumping your post notifications into the promotions tab, unbeknownst to me. I thought it was unusual that I was not receiving any notices as you've mentioned wanting to follow through with the commitment, but I also know LIFE HAPPENS. However, being curious, I finally sat down today and discovered where all the notifications were and moved them to the inbox! Hopefully, from now on they'll be going to the right place so I can continue to enjoy reading your occasional posts, even after the 31 Days of Everyday Magic are over! :)