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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Passionate People

Yesterday evening I was in the living room watching an episode of Naked and Afraid on the Discovery Channel (a show I've recently gotten sucked into. What will they come up with next?) when Charlie came in from his church committee meeting. We had not been home when he came in from work and he was already gone when we returned home so it was the first time we'd seen him since morning.

Dracen immediately began telling him some story about something he'd learned at school that day. They are both the talkers in the house so it was getting pretty loud, prompting me to turn up the t.v. volume since they were threatening to drown it out with their voices. While I was fully absorbed in my show, I was able to grasp the fact that Dracen was following Charlie around from room to room in order to keep his full attention. 

I never knew what they had been carrying on about until last night, some time after Dracen went to bed, when Charlie told me he had been telling him all about a human skeleton scientists had found that is supposedly older than that of 'Lucy'. I got really tickled because I could just see Dracen's animated face and hand motions in my head as I got the description of how fascinated he was by the fact that she walked upright but had this big toe that she just sort of "whipped out", giving her the ability to climb effortlessly right up a tree.

He told him, "Ohhh, I would just LOVE to have a toe like that! I'd tell Mom that I was going hunting and I'd just walk out in the woods and then, whoop, climb right up to the top of a tree!" And then I regretted that I hadn't turned down the volume on the t.v. instead of up because apparently what he was selling was a whole lot more entertaining than watching those two naked and afraid strangers test their survival skills in the jungles of Borneo for 21 days.

You see this story, this discovery, was something he (an 11 year old boy) was passionate about and that is when people really come alive. I came across this quote awhile back and thought, Yeah, me too. That's one of the best things in life, watching someone talk passionately about something...anything. 

Everyday magic at its finest. 

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