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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordful Wednesday: The good ole days

I took the demolition duo to see Toy Story 3D yesterday though I didn't really get why it needed to be 3D.  What is with the sudden comeback of all things 3D?

 It's rather annoying because, number 1, it costs more and number 2, you have to keep up with those glasses and you always, inevitably, end up getting butter from the popcorn on them and it's impossible to get off.  Although I think we all 3 managed to avoid this yesterday for a change because I said, like every 2 minutes, "be very, very, careful not to touch the lenses or you will not be able to see." They actually paid heed to my words for a change.  Imagine that. 

I actually got choked up in the movie and had to fight back my tears.  I don't want to give away the movie but it was bittersweet and made me feel slightly guilty for growing up and turning my back on Barbie, the cold rabbits (that weren't really rabbits at all, rather giraffes...I was an odd kid), Mrs. Beasely, Raggedy Ann & Andy and all the numerous other dolls and stuffed animals that were my prized possessions for many years.   

I started trying to remember when, exactly, I stopped playing with my toys but I don't know.  There are so many things like that in life that we look back on and think, hmm..when was the very last time I...?  We usually don't consciously think we are doing a "little" thing for the very last time, yet change is constant and inevitable which is why it is so important, yet often soo difficult, to live in and cherish the present moment.  

I look back on old pics of the boys, all sweet and cute with their chubby little legs and cheeks, and I wonder how and when, exactly, they turned into the boys they are now and I know that they still have so much growing and changing yet to do and it is going to go by so very fast because, I am finding, that time has a sneaky way of speeding up with each birthday I celebrate. 

So, I am gonna try my best to live for this moment, place and time with hopes that one day, in the not so distant future, I'm gonna be looking back on this time and saying, "those were the good ole days and I wouln't trade one single memory of them, not for anything this world has to offer."  

Makin' Brownies, 2005

Easter of this year

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  1. I've heard the movie is a tear jerker for moms. We hope to see it soon. I kept a few of my toys from my childhood like my Strawberry Shortcakes and My Little Ponies and now my daughter enjoys playing with them.

  2. Oh! It goes so fast doesn't it? Your children are so adorable! We saw Toy Story 3 too this weekend, SO good!

  3. A friend of mine went and saw it and she too got teary-eyed. Hubby is suppose to take our littlest man to see it soon for some one-on-one time. Guess I'll have to wait and see it when it comes out on dvd. They are so handsome. I love seeing how they once looked and seeing how they have grown. Time does seem to fly by once the babies come along. BTW, the last time I played with Barbie was when I was 14! I wouldn't dare have told any of my girlfriends I was going home from jr. high and playing with them though!!

  4. I heard it was going to be a teary one also. At least knowing beforehand might help. Not like going to Bridge of Terabithia with your son on your birthday (or however you spell it!) and not having a clue how it was gonna play out. Argh.

  5. Oh man, we really need to go see it now! What sweet pictures :)


  6. It is a sweet movie. It is sad, but there is one part that is so funny. It made me forget about the sad part. I don't remember when I stopped playing with my barbies.

  7. We saw Toy Story 3 yesterday (not 3D -- I just don't see the point) and it was so wonderfully done and yes ... I was crying for the whole last part. So beautifully done and moving. They did such a good job that I forgive the big merchandise push that is going on right now ... I blame that on Disney and the magic of the movie I give to Pixar.