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Monday, June 14, 2010

Crossing it off

I am working on crossing off all 30 items on that list of things I am planning to do this summer.  I have added them in a page over there to the right so I won't forget anything.  I'm not normally a big " to do"  list maker but when I do make one, I want it completed, darn it!

So far, I have managed to cross off two things already!  I got my kitchen painted over the weekend and bought a new hummingbird feeder that is hanging outside my sunroom window.  We also began stripping the wallpaper in the half bath/laundry room yesterday and let me just say, YIPEEEEE!!! because it is coming off WAAY easier than that stuff in the kitchen that I swear was super glued and cemented on. 

The Dracenator had to be peeled from his hibernation cave this morning on his first official day of summer break because he had baseball camp.  I will trade his brother off for him around noon and he will go for 3 hours.  This will continue through Thursday.  Also, Devin informed me that he is going to play on the All Stars team and has to be at practice tomorrow night. 

 It. never. ends.  Baseball is taking over my life!

While I was slaving away on  painting the kitchen walls Saturday the Dracenator managed to get his paws on my crackberry and drop it which caused my emailing and text messaging abilities to evaporate so now I must add to my list, GET NEW CRACKBERRY! because my name is Diane and I am a crackberryaholic. 

Now I must return to stripping wallpaper because I can see the red bathroom at the finish line!

Kitchen photos
(note:  I know you can't really tell what color those stripes are in the pics but they were mauve and mauve just does not go with red accents which was why it had to go!)

 (you can imagine what fun it was to strip the wallpaper and paint above those cabinets)


 (though I am nowhere near done accessorizing!  because the only thing that separtes us from the animals is our ability to accessorize...  Name that movie!)


  1. Great blog! It's funny how those lists always seem to get of luck working off your summer to do list. :)

    I'm now following you from MBC.

  2. The kitchen looks beautiful. Great blog, I'm following from MBC


  3. Great photos and good luck on the projects! Following you from MBC, come follow me at

  4. I LOVE the after pics! So amazing. :)
    I hear you on sports taking over your life. Drives. me. crazy!

  5. Can I live at your house? It looks so beautiful!
    As for the lists....ugh! I hate making the list...never can quite get them all done.

  6. Great pictures! It looks great!

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    Sofia's Ideas

  7. We are living parallel lives except for the wall paper removal.

    We are having the bathroom and kitchen painted red. The bathroom has a texture on the walls. I hope the painter has fun with that one.

    We have 8 more rooms to be painted by summer's end so that we can get the hardwood floors laid in the rest of the house.

    As for accessories, I think Southern Living at Home usually has a great sale in June or July!

  8. I love it! I'm visiting from Follow Me Back Tuesday. I signed up to be a new follower.