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Friday, June 18, 2010

Well, have you? Edition 3

Have you ever had a dream that made you wake up saying, "What in tha?"  only  about every other day

Have you ever been in a situation that was not at all funny but for some reason, you could not control your laughter?  what is up with that?

Have you ever seen the tail-less monkeys of Gibraltar?

Have you ever "roughed it" by camping out on a river bank in a tent?

Have you  ever felt like getting in your car and just driving, forgetting everything, just to see where you'd end up? often!

Have you ever wondered what, exactly, deja vu really is? 

Have you ever wished you could trade places with your dog for a day?

Have your ever been thrown from a horse?  okay, it was a pony, but I was like 10.

Have you ever read the entire bible?  I took a nine month bible study when I was preggers with the Dracenator and it was an eye-opening experience

Have you ever read the book, Embraced By the Light, by Betty Eadie.  I highly recommend it, if you haven't

Have you ever choked half to death on a peppercorn from your salad on a first date?  umm...yeah!

Have you ever driven down a back country road in Germany, stopped and looked out across a snow covered village and thought, "this is actually where they make post cards"?  oh, how i wish!  this one was Charlie's!

Have you ever thrown a rock over a mountain top under a crystal blue sky and watched it disappear into the white clouds below? Again...Charlie.

Have you ever gone hiking in the Appalachian mountains?  YES!!  This was actually me!  Like 17 years ago, but it was ME!

Have you ever painted a room RED?  Yes, I finally WON that battle and here are the pics I promised!


  1. red bathroom and red kitchen should be finished this weekend.

    i have woke up with some crazy dreams. but, that doesn't happen too often with me.

    i totally laugh at inapporpriate times. for instance, we were at a dinner meeting with several older people the other night. everyone was taking turns praying. one gentleman burped really loud in the middle of prayer. i started giggling. i had to bite my lip to stop. richard was mortified i laughed so hard talking to him about that i cried.

    I read the Bible through when I was about 13. So sad that I haven't done it, again. It's such a great read.
    Don't camp or rough it. Probably will have to learn one day because of my 4 boys.

  2. Awesome, amazing post!!!!!!!! Thanks for joining in this week. Hopefully next week we can convince more people......... you think I should make it on another day of the week????

  3. I have a red kitchen and a red bedroom. It was a battle, but once I got one room painted it looked so great that David wanted to do another one the same way.

    Thanks for stopping by.