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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordful Wednesday: Bite my nose

The Dracenator will be 7 years old next month but a few years ago he went through this little "biting of the nose" phase.  I've no idea what prompted him to do it but he would look at you with his little wicked grin and say,

 "I wawn bite ya nose!"

He would then put both his little hands on either side of your face, lean in towards your nose and then back away, look you in the eyes and say,

"But I not bite hawrd!"

And then he would lean back in and gently, or sometimes not so gently, bite you on the tip of the nose and then laugh and laugh and go on to the next person.

I can't remember exactly when he stopped doing it but I sure do miss having my nose bitten...

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  1. That is so cute! When you think about it, to kids the nose is rather huge and just waiting to get bit! He, he, he! They grow so quickly! That was really cute that your son brought an unopened can of chicken soup to your husband when he was sick. Children are so loving. Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  2. That is so cute .. especially the little disclaimer that he won't bite "hawd." Funny how these quirky little things just stop and then you miss them so much!

  3. So sweet! I originally stopped by to just follow you from MBC and I knew by your blog title, that I would probably actually read some of your posts, rather than just following you and leaving a generic comment. My sweet sister in Christ, you have so much strength, I cannot even begin to put it into words. It amazes me the strength that God gives us in moments like what you went through. I wanted to leave a comment on your "Why I'm Here" post, but it wouldn't let me. It had me in tears. That is one of the most powerful, honest, heartbreaking posts that I have ever read. Thank you for sharing that, because I know it will, if it hasn't already, help someone else. Hugs...

    Mom of Many

  4. Hi!

    I am from MBC and I am following you now. Please check my site out as well.


  5. Isn't it amazing the stuff you miss as your children grow? Glad to follow you and love that you are using your testimony to be a light to others online. Look forward to reading more posts!

  6. I just found you from FFF and so happy I did. This post is so cute! Don't you just love those sweet moments with your kiddos :)