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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm Bonafide!

Big Boy Darling is at it again.


I saw him out the window yesterday, as I was mopping the floors, slinging mud (it rained off and on all day) with reckless abandon.


Charlie was home so he went out to investigate and informed me that he is working on digging a trench around a humongous tree in the backyard.  I suspect he's caught a whiff of the moles again because I have seen their little mole holes in the yard. 

And, of course, Li'l Bit had to join in the party by getting her little feet and nose all muddied up too.  My bathtub looked like the Hwang Ho River, which by the way is in China and is the muddiest river in the world.  Aren't you impressed that I knew that?  Well, I'd like to pretend that I did but my good friend, Google, helped me out with that one.

The Hwang Ho waters rose up again this morning since the Darlings decided they had to go out at 6:20 a.m which is like a whole 30 minutes before my alarm goes off.  Charlie, who was getting ready to leave for work, informed me yet again that my Darling Boy was back to work on his trench which induced some pretty unladylike words to fly freely from my mouth. 

He said he was putting him in the garage before he left since I was trying desperately to get my remaining 30 minutes of sleep in but of course, that spoiled little wiener scratched on the door with his muddied up paws as if he'd been locked in the dungeon of doom and gloom and left for dead. 

I then conceded, got my sleepy butt back outta the bed and washed my muddy wiener...Again!  And he is now grounded and only allowed out into the yard under human supervision. 

Oh the things I tolerate for the love of Dogs!  (especially longhaired wiener ones)

I feel a list coming on...

You know you are a true, bonafide dog person when...

1.  you wake up in the middle of the night clinging to the side of the bed with one cheek hanging off because the dogs in your bed have taken over your spot. And you try desperately to find you a better spot without disturbing the precious sleeping angels

2.  you have mixed feelings about vacations (even dream ones) because you know you will have to leave your precious four legged babies in the care of someone else.

3.  you move into a new house and put furnishing all the rooms on hold so that you can have a nice big fence installed in the backyard.

4. you only get semi-mad when you find that your $200 night guard, that prevents you from grinding your teeth in the night, has been chewed to smithareens.

5. you drive about 45 minutes to a vet because he is supposed to be the best and agree to pay double the amount of a normal spay for a laparascopic spay because it is so much less invasive and easier on the little ball of fur.

6. you feel guility every time you leave the house and don't take the baby(ies) with you.

7. you know that you would cash in all your investments and life savings to pay for a heart transplant for your old dog, if such a thing were possible. 

8. you cry yourself to sleep every night for weeks and still find yourself crying months later when your old dog goes to heaven.

9. you waste little time in adopting new dogs because while you know they could never take the place of the old one,  there are so many out there who need love and a good home.

10.  you start a blog about life on being a Christian mom of two boys and find yourself writing about your dogs every other day or so.

Yep, I'm Bonafide!


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  5. What a cute post!!! I know how all those feel. I used to have a few dogs, but no longer do:( Thank you for my comment and I hope you have a great day!

  6. What an excellent post! I love the list and can agree with the whole thing! I only have family take care of my animals when we go away. I love the beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing this!

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