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Friday, June 18, 2010

My very first Friday Flip-Off

Why couldn't I sleep in?  This was the one day this week (our first week of summer break) I could have because ball camp ended yesterday but instead I wake up at 7:00 am. 

I am sooo peeved about the red paint in the bathroom!  I told y'all yesterday about how I ran out of it Wednesday night and did not have enough to do the trim so I took my happy butt to Lowe's again yesterday. 

Well, for one thing, it was a signature paint {translation: it cost more} which means it doesn't come in the smaller sizes...only the gallon.  "That's fine", I say.  Charlie made a cabinet for the kitchen that I was thinking of painting red anyway. 

Soooo, after I spent about 5 hours yesterday afternoon hopping around from store to store (that's another story all together) I come home with my happy red paint and C is fit to be tied because the new light fixture I bought was too small for the hole that held the previous light so he had to cut wood and do all sorts of things to make it work. 

Then he starts in on removing the old faucet to replace with the new one I bought and turns out, that thing was meant to stay in there. Forever.  He hacked and sawed and sweated and cussed but he got it out and the other one in although it doesn't work yet because we need new hoses or pipes or whatever those are because the ones that were there were too short.  

Fun times! And they keep get funner!  (yes, I know that is not really a word but I like it and I need all the "like" I can get right now)

After the slaughtering of the faucet was over, I was finally able to get back in there with my brand new big A can of red paint and start back on my trim work and the touching up of all the places I can now see because we once more have light over the sink. 

When I was finished (about 10:30 last night) I notice that those spots are still there, not blended in.  I go to bed with high hopes that they will dry more and be visible no more but guess what?  Yep.  Still there! 


So on this,  my first Friday Flip-Off,  I am flippin' off the red paint(that is now all over my hands, 3 sets of clothes and my dog's tail), the faucet, the light fixture, the outlet plate that didn't fit, the old wallpaper, and the new mirror I never bought because it doesn't seem to exists!

I will, however, not be defeated so after I'm done giving this bathroom an attitude adjustment, you can look forward to pics of it, in all its red glory, later.  ;) 

And for more flip-offs, go visit kludgy mom who hosts this thing every week.



  1. I hate painting....Well I take that back I like the idea of painting and the first 20 mins into painting. But after that I am done and if the wall do not dry right and I have to add more coats, I usually give up... LOL

  2. Oh no! Thats terrible! I don't blame you for your flip off at all this deserved!

  3. Oh my...sorry you had such a hard time...renovation is sooo much fun...NOT! The red family is at times not a cool color...our burgundy wall is great BUT our Autumn maple wall was a PITA! :) Anyway, the end result is usually always worth it! Good Luck!

  4. Ugh! Renovating is the worst. Once it's done it will be great but getting there is so hard. You so deserve to flip that off! Good luck girl. :)

  5. I'm with ya on ALL home improvement projects... what a pain in my you know what.

  6. That is one to flip off on! Painting is a pain in the butt in the firt place and then to have to do it again! Ugh! Hope it comes out ok the next time around! have a good day!

    Mama Hen

  7. Thanks for joining in the fun today! Red paint is tough from what I hear. I do a lot of my own painting (freehand trim work too) and I always hate when I find those blotchy spots!! come back and join in next week :)