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Friday, June 25, 2010

I've changed my mind...Flip Off!

Okay, so I thought about trying to put together a Fancy Friday post today but I'm just not feeling up to that and at this point it would be afternoon before I could get it done. 

So then I thought of joining in on the Friday Flip-off thing again but then decided I'd just wing it though believe me, I could find a few things to flip off!  Like the wallpaper in the boys' hall bathroom that we started stripping a couple of days ago and it is stuck on those walls like white on rice.  Thank God it's a very small room. I could also flip off the moles, toads, squirrels, and whatever else it is that keeps causing the Darlings to dig in the backyard forcing me to then have to bathe them and muddy up the tub and entire bathroom again!

But, wait!  I said I wasn't doing the flip-off thing today, didn't I?

Well, I do believe I've just changed my mind.  

To the no-good, lowdown, disgusting, scum of the earth, annoying flies that keep coming in the backdoor every single time we open it, here's a BIG FAT FLIP OFF for you!!

To my pain in the arse allergies, WHY must you continue to give me itchy eyes, gunk in my throat and sensitive skin/rashes?  It is JUNE and like 150 degrees of humid heat outside!  You used to only come around in the Spring.  GET LOST and FLIP OFF while you're at it! 

To Litterbugs!  You know who you are.  Why do you think it is okay to throw your nasty trash out your car window or drop it out of your car in a parking lot?  You're sick and you need help.  What do you think those big cans that say TRASH on them are for??!!??!  FLIP OFF!

To the weeds that are growing like wildfires around my house!  It's like a sauna outside.  Do you really think I want to come out there and pull you up?  NO!  I don't!  And you know I don't which is why you continue to sprout up all around the yard...because you think you're safe.  Well, I'm getting bloody well sick and tired of you so BEWARE, your days are numbered.  And FLIP OFF while you're at it!  (Okay, I don't ever say "bloody well" so I've no idea where that came from)

And last, but certainly not least, I am flipping off the dozens of socks without mates around here!  WHERE DO YOUR MATES GO?  Don't you know how to hold a relationship together?  Get with the program, please!  And until you do, you can FLIP OFF!!!

So as not to end on a negative note, I am giving two BIG PATS ON THE BACKS to the boys (notice I didn't call them the demolition duo) this week because for the most part, they have been pretty okay.  Of course, they have been spending a great deal of time playing at their Momaw and Popaw's house in the afternoons but it has always been their idea and I'm proud of them.  Kudos, Boys!  

If you want to see what others are flipping off this Friday, go visit Gigi at Kludgy Mom.




  1. So glad you joined in. You are a hoot. I flipped all the socks that go AWAL too. Not sure where they went. And I'm totally with ya on flies, weeds, and allergies too!

  2. Great flips this week! I'm SO with you on the allergies thing! Why on earth do we have allergies in June?! Nice to enjoy a fellow flipper:)

  3. OK Diane! I agree about those people who throw their trash out of the window! What do they think they are doing? I know wallpaper can be a real pain in the butt. Sorry you have to deal with that! We have an abundance of chipmunks in our backyard, frontyard and everywhere! So I know what you are talking about. You can join in Thanksgiving Thursday next week if you would like. Just grab the button in the left sidebar. Let me know so I can add your link. Have a great day! By the way, I would have stopped by yesterday but I had and still don't have power in my house. A tornado swirled through and knocked a lot of stuff down.

    Mama Hen

  4. with all you have going on with allergies, bugs and weeds, thank god your kids are being good!! :)

    Thanks for joinin' in again!

  5. I'm with on the socks. I have a basket in my living room floor now with single socks in it. Can you imagine single socks for 11 people?

    Another thing I would flip off is the deer that walk around my yard like it's an all you can eat buffet. The magazines that tell you to plant this or that because they won't eat it obviously have never studied the deer at Berry College. I try to put the plants near the dogs. But, it doesn't really matter because the dogs just lie there and look at them?

    I'm off to see how much damage was done last night.

  6. Late to the comment game here but I found you from the Flip off list... Great Flip offs (I did mine on my Everyday Bliss Blog- Everyday Mommy has other stuff this week...anyway) I hate litterers and flipped one off over on my list too... damn straight on the sock thing!! FLIP OFF!!

    So nice to share the rant with you!

  7. Just stopped by to say hi and saw this list again! I have to say the weeds are getting to me! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen