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Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Fragments...

Mommy's Idea

~My shade garden is coming along.  I've gotten several things planted in there and now am in some serious need of a buttload of mulch, like at least a very large dump truck full, preferably the pretty red kind.  So that will be my priority this weekend although I saw it's supposed to reach 90 here today and tomorrow.  If I'm not around any next week, I possibly had a heat stroke.  

~I think this gardening thing may be just the thing to keep me from blowing my top with the boys this summer because after I'd told them to do their chores a half dozen times yesterday afternoon and  then retreated out there to water my plants, I swear a calming effect washed over me as I showered them down.  I should have started this years ago.  

~The bonus room project is almost complete and I'll post pics of that, along with the shade garden, soon and very soon.  

~If any of you saw or heard about the video of the sermon by the pastor of a church in a certain town in North Carolina that went viral this week, THAT IS MY TOWN.  I am disgusted by the whole thing and just want to set the record straight that not all of us here in this town are close-minded, ignorant bigots.  If  you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can read about it here.  The man is simply sick and no, I don't know him nor do I ever care to.  

~Did y'all see the American Idol final results show Wednesday night?  Phillip's realization of what had just hit him there at the end as he was overwhelmed with emotion was just priceless.  In a good way.  But there were other not so good priceless moments that made me say WTH?  

First off, what was up with J.Lo's sagging drop crotch in those blinged out britches?  

Sorry, Jen, but this one is a NO for me. 

And Jennifer Holliday?  Well, there's no denying that the woman can sing like nobody's business but she scared the ever-lovin' crap outta me in the process.  Let's just say, I would not want to be the man being told that he's GONNA LOVE HER because I think she darn well meant it.

But the moment that had me in a complete and utter state of shock was Fantasia's little ensemble.
Lawd have mercy, somebody get that woman a stylist!


Hope you all have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!  

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  1. I thought the same thing about JLo's baggy pants. Didn't flatter her at all. And Jennifer Holiday… her hair, her bulging eyes and her outfit were all scary to me!! Glad that Phillip won!

  2. I was thrilled that Phillip won, just thrilled, but sitting through that mess was horrendous! I hated that finale show so much.

    Totally agree with you on Jennifer Holiday. That was frightening!

  3. Gardening....I hafta agree with you on that one [and I hope you post the photos on your Fragments so I can view what you're doing]...anyway, it IS therapeutic to be sure. And yes, I did read about that pastor in NC ---what a moron. Or like Bugs Bunny says "What a maroon". I think he should be placed in an area with an electrified fence to keep any reproduction of HIS kind. There, I said it...

    Don't watch any of the Idol programs [we no longer have TV thank goodness] but I again hafta agree with you on J-lo's britches!! Good lord.

  4. I'm not a great gardener, but I know that it makes me happy to do a "little" something in the yard. We put the red mulch out but in two weeks it's brown from the sun fading it! :(

    I didn't wach American Idol but laughed out loud at Jennifer Holiday!

  5. Oh mercy.. .my eyes... I was hoping never to see Fantastia in that outfit EVER AGAIN! WHYYYYY would anyone let her walk out on stage in that!?!?!?!

    someone hates her

  6. the mulch - the kids (adults now) all came over and spread mulch/gardened for my wife's birthday. I even helped a little. I thought in NC you just used pine needles. I have some family living not too far from you. I didn't know that narrowed minded pastor - extreme idiots?
    JLo - Certainly since Cher, Madonna and Lady Gaga, performers dress to get reactions and people talking about them. BTW I love Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett's duet.
    Oh maybe that pastor could start wearing JLo fashions - he'll get better PR.

  7. You dang NC folks is Crazy. LOL

    Maybe thats why Fantasia wore that outfit.

    It looked like crazy outfit day at elementary school. At least Jennifer didnt wear a dang bodysuit like Fantasia and Chaka Khan. We got a good giggle out of Jennifer's facial expressions tho.

  8. I'm still trying to recover from Fantasia's outfit! I think I lost several brain cells just looking at it! So thrilled that Phillip Phillips won! Love him and his voice! Jennifer Holiday looked like she was downright possessed! I've never been so scared in my entire life! ;)

  9. Hate is never the answer (referring of course to the preacher with his hate filled message) nor do I see anywhere in the Bible even the slightest suggestion that hate is an answer - - - just the opposite.

    Hate everything about J-Low's outfit, was she going for Arabian Sheik or what?

  10. There seems to be a gardening theme on this week FF. Hope your gardening goes well.

  11. I didn't watch American Idol this season. I haven't watched it in a longgg time. I do know there was a marriage proposal - funny, Ace was at one time engaged to my sister's niece. Small world.

    I hope you have a good weekend!

  12. Gardening is definitely therapeutic!

  13. I have a ton of projects I want to do this summer...gardening among them... we shall see! I use brown mulch, even though my shutters are red and part of my house is brick... I like it to look "natural" from far away.

    I hadn't heard about that preacher, but I am originally from a small town that made national headlines in a big and not-so-nice way in the 80's. I get the whole, "we aren't all like that" feelings!

  14. Our oldest daughter lives in NC and from the things she tells me about the High Point area, I'm surprised that video didn't originate there. I was born and raised in NC though I've been down here in Charleston for nearly 30 years- and I don't remember people being like that. Why is it that a handful ruin the reputation of an entire state? Or country for that matter. Squeaky wheel gets the grease I suppose.

    You're quite right about a garden-there is something therapeutic about it! I've got to get some more cedar chips when we get back from the wedding. Which means another trip to Lowe's. UGH.

    I love the way you tell your tales! I'm a new follower! Have a fantastic weekend!

  15. My husband said that Steven Tyler revoked his man card after he started to choke up when they announced the winner...
    Then i told him that he revoked his man card for even watching idol.
    I use gardening as therapy. Watering them is my favourite part.
    Nice and quiet.

  16. You crack me up. J Lo's saggy britches were a "no" for me too. Jennifer Holliday was terrifying! After watching her perform I was so afraid I'd have nightmares that night.

  17. oh my, i'm with you on jennifer. at least she wasn't being QUITE as sexual as some of her previous performances. i like her as a judge, but her singing and dancing...gross. going to check out the sermon you mentioned. i can only imagine!

  18. I read somewhere that Fantasia went bankrupt a while back; maybe she hasn't recovered. I saw that show, too, but I missed the "wet diaper" pants. Yuck! That better not be an upcoming fashion trend.

    While I agree that the pastor is a lunatic, I think the media sensationalized/manipulated the woman they interviewed (the one who apparently agreed with him). She's in idiot, too, but they made her look even worse. When she sees that, she's going to be spitting nails.

  19. Gardening is a great hobby and even very useful for yourself and the environment. My aunt used to look for different plants and advised us to have them planted in our home as well.