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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Walking In A Wiener Wonderland

The past Saturday, for the third year in a row, we headed to Castle McCulloch in Jamestown for the annual North Carolina Wiener Roast.  It is put on by the Dachshund Rescue Organizations as a fundraiser and is basically a wiener dog wonderland that makes me want one in every size, color and coat.  
There is always a silent auction inside the castle where this year we won the bid for a gift basket filled with all things Dachsie that Dracen insisted we just had to have though I was a bit disappointed that I once again did not win either of the raffle items because this year they were giving away an iPad and a Dachshund quilt. You know you are a true Dachshund lover when you'd rather have the quilt than the iPad (the boys were holding their breath for that one) but alas, we won none.  

Last year I chose not to enter Brisco Big Boy "Bolter" Darling in the wiener dog races because the previous year he was too exhausted to race since they are held at the end of the event.  But this year, I decided to give him another shot at the trophy because that wiener can run toward the woods like the wind if he can get his paws around the opportunity.  I (along with every other member of this family) have chased him over the creek and through the brier patch more times than I care to recall. 

When we first arrived at the event, as always, he and Miss Charlene L'il Bit were both full throttle, noses to the ground, tails in the air and tugging on their leashes at racing speed toward the entrance but after about thirty minutes of introductions and tail sniffings they both just wanted to crash their tired little wiener butts headfirst into some shade.  
We decided to give it a go anyway though I knew we were in trouble when they had already started the races (they break it down into small groups) and I looked over to find him out cold under a stranger's chair, completely oblivious to the countless wieners all around him, one of which barked incessantly for the entire duration of the races.  
I thought we may just have a shot this time though since one person (Charlie) got to hold their wiener {and yes, I just realized how that sounded, Beavis!}  at the starting line while another (me) waited at the finish line.  I was all waving my hands, clapping, whistling and shouting, "Brisco!  Hey Brisco! Look here!!  Here I am!  Down here, boy!!  Yoo hoo!!" but he never once looked my way, rather toward the woods aka  home of the squirrels, rabbits and chipmunks. 
And when the time came to let him go, he sat down on his arse, gave Charlie his best Wth, man? I'm exhausted! look and then politely crashed out in the shade again once he was eliminated from the race.  

We hung out for a few more minutes anyway in order to watch the wieners who actually ran or, at the very least, trotted in the races...

But the best part of the day was watching the three participating cart dogs run their race.  If you aren't familiar with Dachshunds, then you may not know that they are especially prone to back injuries due to the length of their long backs and unfortunately, a few of them end up partially paralyzed as a result,requiring a cart to get around...  
Precious, it was.

And beats the Kentucky Derby in my book any ol' day of the week. 

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  1. OMGracious! It feels somehow inappropriate to laugh at a dog in a skirt racing with a cart, but that is hysterical!

  2. THat is so awesome. And at a castle. And dogs with wheelchairs? So precious. Bless those people who give them a chance.

  3. Too cute. I would almost guarantee that if I ever entered Mocha in a race she would defy everything I've ever said about her and actually come when I call her for the first time ever. Just to make me look stupid.

    She and I are headed to Petco's adult dog training classes x2. The three weeks of 'sleep away' dog training camp was obviously well worth all the cash...

    You said puppyhood gets better, that's going to happen soon, right??

  4. Oh, I love it, Diane! We entered our doxie in a Weiner race several years ago when we lived in Tenn. The gun sounded and off she went, full speed ahead. She had it won by a mile...UNTIL she saw one of the judges near the finish line who was down on her knees. Maddie put on the brakes and went over and made a new the rest of the doxies flew past her and crossed the finish line. Ever since then, we've called her the "loser dachshund"...but we still love her!

  5. Weiner Wonderland, that's awesome! Found you on the SITS Girls Spring Fling. Looking forward to getting to know you and your blog.

    ~ Ferly
    Gifts We Use {to grow, love and serve}

  6. Okay, you had me at the little carts.

    Who would have known that this event existed? Well, obviously you....

    Way, way too much fun. :)

  7. Oh my, that is awesome. Too funny. Who said dogs don't have a mind of their own.

  8. Awwwww, precious indeed. Sorry yours weren't up for the job this time. There's always next year, and no doubt a new quilt up for grabs. :)

  9. I didnt see any Fancy Dachshund Derby Hats.