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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Was Feeling Creative

Why can I not ever have an easygoing, pleasant customer service experience? Remember the furniture for the bonus room I talked about ordering back in February?  The furniture that was supposed to  come in within four to six weeks?  Yeah, that furniture.  The furniture I said I was gonna lose my mind and go ape sh*t on somebody's arse over.  That very same furniture.  

Last Tuesday, one week ago today, I nearly fainted when I got the call telling me it had arrived, nine weeks and zero apologies later.We went up there Wednesday morning, paid the balance and opted to have it delivered since it was rainy that day and we'd have to put it on Charlie's open trailer.  Not to mention, get it up the stairs ourselves.  

She said I could expect a call from the independent delivery guy since they didn't actually do any deliveries themselves.  Why?  I have no clue.  It's a very large furniture mall. As of yesterday I still had not received any call from any delivery person about my now paid for furniture so I called them yet again and yet again got the voice mail with a call back shortly after telling me she had called the delivery person and he was at a funeral so he would have to call her back and she would then call me back and that he normally doesn't even call until the day before he's going to deliver it anyway. 

Why do we have to make things so difficult, people?  Do you know nothing about the importance of COMMUNICATION?!! Ugh!

I had just about concluded that we'd have to go get it ourselves tomorrow, on the day Charlie does not go into Charlotte when lo and behold, I get a call this morning from the woman telling me he can deliver it this afternoon but my breath I'm not a holdin'.  We shall see...

And they shall never see me ordering another piece of furniture from their establishment.  Nonchalant customer service will send me packing every single time.  

In other and more pleasant furniture news, I am quite proud of a spur of the creative moment makeover I successfully pulled off on Friday afternoon.  We'd had these cheap, old, boring white bookshelves just outside the door in the garage where most of my books were being housed so I took some leftover Annie Sloan furniture paints and dark wax and went to town on it.  

When Charlie got home I asked him to take off the back, which was nothing more than flimsy cardboard.  My idea was to stand it in front of an old, weathered door I fell in love with at an antiques store several months back.  But when he took it off...Oops! It would not stand alone.  Apparently, that cardboard wasn't quite as flimsy as it looked since it was indeed holding it up!  

I said a few choice words as I held it up for him while he gathered tools and tried to come up with a plan.  And then I got the genius idea to actually attach it to the old door.  He looked at me like I had slightly lost my mind because he just could not visualize it but after about two and half hours and several mishaps later, my plan came together and I was redeemed...  


I'm so happy to finally get some of my cherished books into the house where they belong...

Makes me smile...

Happy May Day!

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  1. That is just so sad that the demise of companies comes down to customer service. People get tired of being treated like crap. Hopefully you get your furniture today *crossing fingers* for you.

    I love your bookshelf too! You are so crafty! Would you like to come redecorate for me? I need inspiration!

  2. I hope you get your furniture!!! I love your book shelf. Hope your having a good day.

  3. Nice book shelf! I love mine too. I have tons of books.

  4. I just don't get companies, anymore! Seems to me all they care about is making a buck and being courteous to customers is a big ol' waste of time. I agree...if it were me...I'd never go back to that place! Plus, I'd sit myself down and write a very detailed letter about why I was displeased with the way things were handled and I'd send it to the store manager and shoot off a copy to the corporate headquarters, if there is one. Oh...and I love your shelf! You have quite the book collection going on.

  5. What a great idea for the bookcase. I love it with the old door.

  6. I love the idea of re-purposing old doors. Having a 75 year old house, I have quite a few.

    I will be doing a post at some point about my old secretary that I finally finished after two months. Probably sometimes next week. Honestly, I just don't have it in me lately. But I will say that the inspiration to do it came from your desk project a while back. Loved it. :)

  7. When you first started... I thought you intended to use the book shelf with the door! I love it! I love unique ways to use things.

  8. what a pretty shelf!! And excellent taste in books -- I LOVE Diana Gabaldon!