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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Good News and Bad News

Yesterday's Good News... 

~Devin brought home a good progress report.

~I didn't fall over or wobble once in dancer's pose at yoga.  

~Dracen told Charlie, when he was working on our a/c, that we are lucky to have him.  

~Devin hit a home run at his baseball game, never mind the fact that I missed it because I hadn't yet arrived from Dracen's game at another field. 

~The furniture came in.  Yes, THE furniture for the bonus room that only took us ten weeks to get.  

Yesterday's Bad News...

~The long awaited bonus room furniture?  

Would NOT fit through the flippin' door to the bonus room.  


I'm not even kidding.  

It won't fit.  

Not even the chair, much less the sofa.

That door is not a normal-sized door which explains why Charlie was so worried about getting something that would fit when we were looking for furniture.  I just thought he was concerned about it making the turn up the stairs which is why I tried to choose something that looked smaller than most we saw.  
I guess it was an illusion.  

And umm...

We maybe should have broken out the tape measure?  

Because now we have a very nice, brand spankin' new sofa and chair covered in plastic wrap and sitting beside my car in the garage.  
And according to Charlie, unless we pay to get a crane out here to lift it up through the window or cut ourselves a new door from the kitchen area, then it's gonna stay there.  In the garage. Keeping my car company.  

I think we're gettin' a new door.  

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  1. Measure twice, cut once.

    More than a decade later I still haven't let my wife completely forget about piece of antique furniture she intended as a TV cabinet. Let's just say the TV laughed at the notion of going in there.

  2. When re-doing our bathroom, FireMan realized the shower unit we bought wouldn't fit thru the door.

    He ended up taking out the door, and knocking another TWO FEET out of the drywall to get it in. Once it was installed, he put up new drywall & re-installed the same door.

    I really should have blogged more about these home improvements... LOL.

    Just saying - there is hope!

  3. Oh no I can't believe that about your furniture! Hope you figure something out.

  4. Are you kidding me, Diane??? After everything you've gone through already! Girl, if I had to take a sledgehammer and knock a wall down, I'd get that furniture in there one way or another!

  5. My house is 75 years old. NONE of the doors are the same size or height. I have learned this THE HARD WAY let me tell you. :)

    Well, at least you'll get a nice new door out of it.

  6. I hope the SUV and the chairs get along well.

    How big is your front porch?

  7. Seriously? I think I'm the only person stuff like that happens to....I know you. You will find a way:)

  8. You got a facelift!

    My parents' house is a circa 1900 bungalow and the staircase is shoved over in the corner of the living room. I feel your pain and learned the hard way about measuring. I had an armoire that JUST FIT and learned a valuable lesson: no beds bigger than a double... well, until they started making split box springs.

    Luckily, at some point, my dad looked at the window at the bottom of the stairs and thought to replace the glass with plexiglass, so it just cracked instead of shattered :-) Very wise man!

  9. We have little tiny doors on a room I want to put a sofa in. The hobbits would like to relax.

    So sorry. That would make me saaaaad.