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Monday, May 14, 2012

10 Mother's Day Smiles

Aside from the three hour baseball scrimmage Friday night, baseball pics Saturday morning, Dracen nearly passing out at his marathon Saturday afternoon and the fact that it poured buckets all day yesterday, last night, and into this morning, it was still a successful Mother's Day weekend and we managed to accomplish all of our goals by visiting all the mothers we needed to visit.

But this morning, I am exhausted, which is why I did something that I never, ever do by falling back asleep on the couch after the boys left for school. And Pilates?  Pfft!  It just ain't happening today.      

And though I'm a little late getting started, I think I am now awake enough to attempt my Monday Listicles post. This week Stasha asked us to write either a list of ten things we'd like to delete or a list of ten things motherhood related. Although I don't have any doubts that I would have no trouble at all coming up with a list of ten plus things I'd love to hit the delete button on, I've decided to go with the topic of motherhood by making a list of ten little things that made my Mother's Day weekend happy...

1.The Confirmation. After several weeks of Confirmation Classes Devin was confirmed as a full member of the church, along with four other young men he's gone to church with his entire life.  It made my heart smile and swell with pride to stand up there with him as he made this proclamation of faith.

2. The cards.  I've always been a card person so having the boys and Charlie each pick out their own cards for me was in itself enough. 

3. The old watch. My mother gave me an old watch that she's had since she was a teenager in the 50s and recently had repaired.  I wore it all day yesterday and couldn't help but stare at my wrist all day.  Old and sentimental?  It just doesn't get any better than that in my book.  

4. The funny stuff Dracen says. The boys' Popaw keeps bees and Dracen, of course, loves to get involved whenever he gets the chance.  Saturday morning their Momaw told us that when Dracen was over on Friday afternoon, Popaw was telling him all about a hive he had that for some reason had several queens which is very bad because there is only ever supposed to be one queen at a time so he had to do away with the other queens.  To which Dracen replied, "Well, it would have just been a lot of drama anyway!"  

Pretty hilariously insightful for an eight year old boy I thought.  

5. The redbird. When I lifted the bedroom shades yesterday morning, a redbird was there on the fence to greet me.  Redbirds have a special meaning for me so it was a great way to start my Mother's Day.  

6. The blackberry cobbler. Charlie's sister had planned a special outdoor meal for all of us yesterday afternoon and although the rain moved us into a carport, it was still a wonderful time with blackberry cobbler for dessert.  Yum-my! 

7. The dog baptism.  Last night after we got home Dracen came and asked if he could baptize Charlene (Li'l Bit).  Lucky for her, we're Methodists!  I still don't think she appreciated the ceremony, however. That little wiener doesn't even like to get her feet wet.   And Brisco (Big Boy) had probably prepare himself because I get the feeling he's next.   

8. The candy apple red blender. Dracen remembered that I had said our blender was on its way out and that I'd like to have a red one to match the other small appliances. The thoughtfulness of it was more better than the blender itself.  

9. The pretty necklace.  I love when they pick out something fancy just for me when I'm sure they'd have rather bought me a new set of knives or a power tool.  

10.  These pictures from yesterday. This porch swing has been in my life for over 18 years now and I have spent many, many reflective hours on it over the years.  I brought it with me when we moved to this house two years ago this April and painted it green last summer though we never got around to hanging it.  Charlie did so about a week ago and it's like having an old friend back.  I just love seeing it there on the front porch when I pull up.

It's the little things...

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  1. Lovely list. Happy Mothers' Day !

  2. Glad the rain didn't dampen your day. We had rain all day too which was so needed, I kept focusing all day on what a gift it was. And I laughed about your boys wanting to baptize the dog. We have a house full of critters. That is one thing my children have never dreamed up.

  3. Seems like a wonderful day to me, and that blackberry cobbler sounds divine!

  4. heheh... wanting to baptise the dog. And the doggie went with it?

  5. Cute picture with you and your boys!

  6. Sounds like a great day! Congratulations to your son on his Confirmation.
    And thank you....I borrowed your blog topic. I've had a lot on my mind lately and when it gets so busy in my head I have a hard time focusing on what to write about. Your blog post inspired me to focus on, as you say, the little things that make for a great day.

  7. I saw an American Redstart the other day while out on the mail route. I have never seen one before and thought someone had spray painted a regular old black bird. Totally made my day.

    And the front porch swing... it's the only thing missing from my house now.

  8. Lovely!!! Great list and the photos are fabulous.

    And Congrats to your son on his confirmation, such a great step into the Church.

  9. what a fantastic picture of you and your boys. I LOVE LOVE porch swings. In college we had one at a house I rented with 2 friends. We spent countless hours out there. Glad you will be using yours again.

  10. I love reading about what makes you happy! It is the little things. your boys are funny. And the bird, sweet!!
    Lovely photos, Happy mother's day Diane.

  11. Glad you had a great day. Great gifts (love the idea of your mothers watch) and beautiful photos.

  12. Baptise the dog?
    I love that watch. Vintage is my thing.
    I'm glad that you had a great day. You deserve it.
    Congrats on the confirmation!!

  13. Great photos! Congrats to Devin on his confirmation. Saturday was a big "church" day for us also as it was my 8YO's first communion. Glad you had a nice Mother's Day!