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Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Fragments

~That furniture is in the bonus room.  Oh yes, it is!  Thanks to the brand new opening in our kitchen wall.

  ~My idea is to frame it out (well, not me personally because that would be a sight and a disaster) and find an old door to hang there. Something kinda like this...
~Are y'all watching American Idol and did you see that performance by Joshua Ledet Wednesday night? My word, that young man can sang his A off! I almost jumped up on the couch and wooted! And I don't woot.  

~Dracen started taking his lunch to school awhile back and a couple of weeks ago he told me he needed, just had to have, a "thermoster" in order to take hot stuff for lunch. After hounding me about it for two weeks, we finally stopped in the dollar store the other day and bought him one but no matter how many times I correct him by telling him it is a thermos and not a thermoster, he just can't help but add that "ter" on the end.  So from here forward, it will always be a thermoster  to me because admit it, that's just way more fun to say.

~It has come to my recent attention that Li'l Bit shares my disdain for flies.  A fly in the house will drive me absolutely out of my mind.  I turn all ninja with a rolled up magazine whispering for everyone to shut up and freeze...If I'm successful at smashing it then I yell out YES!! I got you, you little son of a b! complete with a fist pump in the air and a happy dance.  But if I miss?  I turn into a crazy person until that sucker is creamed.  

And I've recently noticed that if Li'l Bit climbs up on my shoulder and obsessively licks my face then there is a fly in the house and she won't stop until I get up and do something about it.  Maybe it's the fly or maybe it's the fact that she knows I'm about to turn all kung fu crazy but that little wiener can't stand no stinkin' flies.  

~I'm in for a busy pictures for two teams, a marathon for Dracen, a scrimmage with another team, a possible additional practice, Devin is being confirmed at church and I still have to come up with an acceptable clothing ensemble for the occasion that he won't roll his eyes and scoff at. Ahh...the joys of motherhood.  

~Wishing you all a Mother's Day filled with lots of love and moments to make your heart smile...

My mom and me

Making the decision to have a child is momentous.  It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.  ~Elizabeth Stone 

Happy Friday!

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  1. My dog is terrified of flies. Yup all 80 pounds of shaking mess. I think they bite his bum. He ll appt one and ten come flying to hide behind me. Poor guy.
    And thermoster? Hilarious.
    Happy mothers day ;)

  2. Happy Mother's DAy to you as well!

    That is SO what I would have doesn't fit? Just cut a hole in the wall!

  3. Looks like your partner had a great helper tearing down the wall.

  4. Happy Mother's Day!!

    I hate flies too. They drive me crazy. We have bugs here in NJ called stink bugs! do you have them? they have a hard shell and fly around. You can't smash them cause then they stink. Whatever is in them so you have to pick them up carefully with a tissue and I flush them down the toilet.

  5. My bet is she just likes to watch you go nuts.

    Tearing out a wall is always fun.

    You look a lot like your momma.

    I'm pulling for Jessica. Dont really care for Phillips's style of singing.

  6. I hate flies SO much that I own TWO flyswatters! lol! My daughter is obsessed with killing them too. They are really bad lately for some reason. Or maybe it's just the opening ceremony to summer.
    It's like they wait for me to open a door and an alarm must go off because always one or two come zooming in! It is so annoying.

    Have fun this weekend!

  7. Looks to me like those "boys" are all enjoying the demolition part of that project!

    Thermoster - - - gotta love that!

  8. I wonder if your dog can hear them and the pitch is just insane for her??

    I love the quote and pic of you and your mother. That was very sweet!

  9. Awwwwwwwww, that last photo of you and your mom; melts my heart. And your 'fly' swattin' face lickin' poochie is so adorable, I once had a red short haired doxie. They're so loyal.

    Sounds like you are going to have a very busy weekend!!! Hope the weather hold out to be good for the games.

  10. I'll send you Mr. Chewey cat. He's got mad ninja fly catching skills.

    I love the new opening... and I love the barn door slides. Sadly, I'll never have the ability to do one in this house, not enough wall space.