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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sister Christian? Was Not a Nun

Wake up Maggie, I think I've got something to say to you.  It's late September and I really should be back at school... 

I can't get Rod Stewart's voice singing those lyrics out of my head and it has happened this time every year for as long as I can remember. I got curious about the meaning behind the song the other day, wondering if Maggie May was a real person. Turns out the song was about a woman Rod was, umm..."seeing" when he was sixteen.  But her real name wasn't Maggie May.   

I have no idea why I am sharing that useless bit of trivia with y'all but there it is, just in case you ever wondered.  

But since we're on the subject now, another song I always wondered about is Sister Christian by Night Ranger.  It has forever been one of those songs I belt out in the car but really have no clue what I'm really singing or what on earth the song is even about.  I always thought it said, "You Motorhead!  What's your price for Christ?" and the only thing I could figure was that it was about a nun who dreamed of being a mechanic or that someone was hitting the pipe or dropping acid when they wrote it.  Or all of the above.  

I was wrong on all counts. Thank God. 

The reason I now know this is because a few weeks back I was watching Bachelor Pad.  (Go ahead and judge me if you want but in my defense there was nothing else on.  Really.) And the remaining three couples, none of whom had any singing experience, had to perform the song in front of a live audience and the members of Night Ranger themselves, who then judged them on their performances.  

Why?  I have no clue but it got me curious about those insane mystery lyrics once more so Charlie googled it for me and found it was actually written by the drummer, about his little sister, Christy. Sort of a sweet story really...

He had gone home to visit his family to realize that his little sister wasn't really so little anymore and he was worried about her getting into trouble or doing something she'd regret when she and her friends went out cruising at night in an attempt to pick up boys...Apparently they called this motoring/motorin'.  And here I'd been belting out MOTORHEAD all these years. 

Anyway, he was inspired to write this song that he went back and sang for the other band members and they really liked it but they couldn't figure out what the h*ll he was singing about either.  They thought he was saying... Sister Christian. 

And so it was... is...Sister Christian

And now you (too) know the rest of the story...

You're welcome,

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  1. I always get lyrics wrong. My husband has an ap that will show you the lyrics along with the song when playing on his itouch. I'm learning all sorts of things. Of course not the back story. That's always cool too.

  2. I always knew it was "motoring" but I always thunk it was "Sister Christian".

    I get most of all songs wrong.

  3. Very cool! I actually love understanding and knowing the backstory to some of the songs that I sang for years

  4. OMG this cracked me up! The wanna-be-mechanic-Nun thing - hilarious!
    I love that Rod Stewart song. This took me back in time!

  5. I had to do the exact same thing when I was watching The Bachelor (because nothing else was on). *wink*

    But it made me laugh that they were dancing like they were when it was a song about siblings! LOL

  6. Too funny! I always get music confused, one of my customers is Michael Sweet of Styper... could have sworn that this was one of his songs, but no.


  7. Remember that song with the line that says, "I screen my phone calls". Imagine what I thought they were singing:)

    I always get words wrong to songs.

  8. What a fun post! I'm with you on the belting it out at the top of my lungs while driving!

    When The Boy was about three, he and I got into a debate about the lyrics to "Can't Touch This" after he'd watch Shark Tale. I was like, "Child of mine, Mamma wore Hammer Pants! I know the words to this song!"

  9. Love this song. LoL I always said motorhead too :-D

  10. A nun who dreamed about being a mechanic! You silly.

    I've belted out "Sister Christian" lyrics many times myself. The chorus begs to be sung loudly (and incorrectly)!