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Friday, September 28, 2012

Kick Some Grass Over It

Wh-wh-what-why it there a light in my face?  What's going on? Where AM I? ...

Dracen's voice broke through,snapping me out of my sleep stupor: "Moommm!"  

Then Charlie's voice: "Did he just throw up?"  

Me: "Whut tha? Ohh snnnap!" 

Sh*t just got real!

I flung the covers off  to see Dracen flopping down in the dog's bed beside our bed (it was vacant because Brisco Darling has taken to sleeping with us again) and realized that he had indeed just thrown up all over the bedroom floor. I looked at the clock: 2:30 a.m. Lord, help me! 

He had also thrown up all over his quilt.  Charlie took care of putting that in the washer while I, much to my chagrin, cleaned up the floor.  I have never dealt well with that sort of thing and it has been a very long time since anyone in our family had a stomach bug so I was out of practice.  But I manged to trudge through it. 

I then begged him to please, please try and make it to the bathroom or use the lined bucket I gave him after Charlie plucked him off the couch from which he flopped and refused to move and carried him back to his bed.  

I was surprised to be awakened by my alarm at 6:15 since I had fully expected several more episodes.  We all got lucky.  Though I knew there was no way I was sending him to school so I finally got up after hitting snooze four times to see if Devin was going to be able to make it.  He came in from a football game last night with a sore throat and congestion.  

Nope.  Still sick.  So I called the whole day off and went back to bed.  And have been feeling all day like someone pulled my energy plug and let it all seep out. Maybe I'm fighting something myself or maybe all that organizing of some of my Pinterest boards last night just took it out of me.  That's probably it...  

Pinterest overload.  

Where was I going with this post?  I have no idea.  But since I'm on the subject of Pinterest now, here are a few of my favorite recent pins...

How true is this?  It doesn't happen to me all that often but I have occasionally found myself on the second page of search results. And if you end up on the third page, forget it.  It ain't happenin'. 

I knew most of these already but anyone who has a dog should read this.  Most of us know that chocolate is toxic to dogs but did you know that grapes/raisins are too? As well as a few other things that may surprise you.  

I just thought this was very wise, insightful and true.  

Ha!  I never knew how many things one could make with pumpkin before my Pinterest days.  Last night during my organizing of boards, I moved some things around and devoted an entire board to pumpkin recipes...

A baby chipmunk.  Just because OMG, how cute is that?

I found this absolutely hysterical because it is 100% me.  
Just ask Charlie.  He tried it once.  



Like bright lights in your eyes and throw up on your floor at 2:30 in the morning.  

Happy Weekend, Y'all!

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  1. I can't do throw up? I just can't.

    We are counting the days until October in my house because the bakery starts making Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread. It's not that cinnamon stuff. It's just moist pumpkin and chocolate chip. We buy 4 loaves a week. We eat it for desert and breakfast!

  2. I don't handle vomit well at all. I tell my kids to RUN to the bathroom NOW and hope I don't have a mess to clean up. When they stumble back out I hold them at arms length and hand them a trashcan. All maternal istincts leave my body as soon as things start reguritating from their bodies.

  3. My boys almost always make it to the bathroom, but in the event that they don't they both have bowls near the bed. Sadly, we are all practiced since Youngest has pediatric migraine. My most recent pin...

    the Nike Logo on a black background that says "Just Do It Even If You Suck" Which seems to be my mantra lately...

  4. So sorry with the sicknesses in your house. I do hope everyone feels better very quickly! I do remember my mom lining a bucket or a trashcan with a bag for us to throw up in. I do remember too being the unlucky person of cleaning up after my own two (guess I forgot to line a bucket for them).

    I love Billy Graham's quote; I so agree!

    May it be a healthy weekend at your house!


  5. I think I repinned the "everything will be okay" message!

    Oh LAWD! My kids almost always make it to the bathroom, but The Girl did have a stomach bug the day before my sister's wedding two summers ago. There is something surreal about waking up in your childhood bedroom to the sound of your own child throwing up all over the floor. Thank goodness it was a floor and not a carpet!

  6. That is absolutely true about Google!!!!! Oh my gosh!

    Sorry about the nighttime clean-up. Eeks!

  7. Not sure why but my youngest runs by the bathroom to tell us she is going to throw up.

    We now have all new carpet in the halls and in our Bedroom.

    "Please stop there first. We promise we will hear it."

    Now if we could just break the cats.

    I clean the mess. The wife cant handle it.

  8. If it's not ok, it isn't the end...that? I needed.
    I'm so sorry that Dracen was ill. I hope that you don't come down with it.

  9. Oh ew, I hate dealing with puke. Natalie was sick over the weekend and it was gross.