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Thursday, September 27, 2012

10 Great Things About Life in a Small Town

I still haven't gotten my first Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte fix yet this season.  But I will.  Eventually.  It's just that when you live in a small town like I do, it's not as simple as just stopping by on the way back from taking the kids to school in the mornings or even making a special trip when the urge hits.  Because I'd have to make a special trip that would end up taking forty minutes, round trip. 

And the few times I've been near the Starbucks since they've been out this year, it was the middle of the afternoon and well over 80 degrees.  Now I love my pumpkin-laced caffeine high as much as the next person but I cannot get my piping hot latte on in those conditions.     

Living in a small town/rural area does have its disadvantages but it is all I have ever known.  I start feeling claustrophobic if I spend too much time in a metropolitan area.  Small town/country life is the only choice for me.  

And here are 10 reasons why...

1. Traffic jams are pretty much non-existent.  Our idea of rush hour traffic is that it may possibly take seven minutes to get across town due to school traffic, as opposed to the four or five minutes it would take normally, at other times of the day. 

2. No noise pollution. Unless you count that which my boys produce. But they do have to go to school five days a week. So there's that.   

3. Short wait at the DMV.  I've heard horror stories about people waiting for hours to get their driver's licenses renewed in the city.  That has never happened to me here.  There are usually no more than five cars in the parking lot.  But the personalities of the staff are, unfortunately, just as lacking.  Siri has more warmth. 

4. The DNC nor the RNC will ever be held here. Amen. 

5. No need to worry about forgetting your business. Just ask anybody.  They all know it...some probably even better than you do.  Okay, so maybe this one isn't always a good thing. But it does help keep you honest.  

6. If you only caught the tail end of the latest scoop in town, you have the person on speed dial who will not only know all the details but will gladly spill them all to you.  I am almost always the last one to know (due to the whole introverted thing). A gossiper I am typically not but I still like to know even if I keep it to myself because I am human, after all.    

7. Everybody waves when passing each other on the back roads,whether we know each other or not. Seriously, if you aren't a waver then small town/country living is not for you.  Kidding.  But only a little.

8. Air pollution is minimal.  Unless somebody is burning leaves which I really hate.  The smell of burning leaves, I mean. But mostly the air is clean.  Or as clean as it gets these days.   

9. Well water. I lived within the town limits for thirteen years before moving just outside them.  Within the town limits, most are on city water (that comes from the nearest city) just as I did, and I could not stand the taste of it without a filter. Here we have a well and I could (and often do) drink that water all day long. No filter needed. 

The septic tank business on the other hand is another story entirely. You can read about that fiasco in a post I wrote last year, if you feel so led.  But since this post is about the positive, I won't go there again today.  

10. Everybody dies famous.  For real.  


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  1. I live in a town that is really a city. Funny right? 40,000 people over 42 square miles, and no building is allowed to be over three stories. And at some points in town, you can't get cell service.

    So it has a lot of the pluses of a small town but with the convenience of Starbucks or Red Robin. Though I prefer Dunkin' Donuts. :)

  2. When you talked about the gossip and small town everyone knows everything aspect, THAT is the part I hate! I grew up in a small town and if people didn't know the truth or thought the truth was boring, they'd make stuff up!

  3. I loved this post. I'm a country girl stuck in the city and I am counting down the days until we can move away to this little town with a population of around 2500 people.

    Counting.Down.The.Days! (we've got a long way to go lol)


  4. First time commenting on your blog; so cute to read this; I lived in a big city, moved to a small town, had cultural shock for a bit; so used to going to multiple stores if you didn't find what you were looking for, only to realize "there are no other stores to go to" in the small town. Loved the small town for eight years, moved back to the big city with the traffic, the pollution, the long lines despite appointments at the DMV. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, there was a season I would have wanted to go back to the small town, but these days I do like the big city, but that can change in any given moment :)

    may you have a great weekend!


  5. Love that song

    Love the country life.

    Love being able to pull out of the neighborhood without waiting on traffic.

    Loved well water but am on county water now. No choice. We put a filter system in so it eliminates the dirt flavor the county adds for character.

    Air pollution is the neighbor burning leaves or the dead skunk.

    And throwing up at every passing car.

    Well we did have the DNC way to close for comfort.

  6. My husband grew up in the country. So did I for a short while, before the city started to spill inot our neck of the woods. It was still fairly small. Loved it.
    When we got married, we decided to move a bit closer to the city. Just on the outskirts becuase I work in the US and travelingn across the border was such a pain.
    We miss the country life so much. If I was working, I think that we would be looking for a house. But on the plus side, I'm only 10min away from a starbucks.
    I'll have a latte in your name :)

  7. Coming from a small town (5,000 people) in rural Wisconsin, I can totally relate. As a kid, I just HATED all the gossip and small-mindedness. But now that I've lived in Chicago and its suburbs for more than years, I tend to romanticize all of the good things about a small town. I really do miss feeling so connected to my community. It is easy to get lost in a big city, for better or worse.

  8. I have lived in a small town for many years. There are definitely many benefits! And a couple of drawbacks too. lol
    LOVE that song - perfect for this post!