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Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Pinning Accident

This afternoon I returned from Zumba class, cranked the a/c down and plopped down on the loveseat to catch my breath and pin some stuff for a few minutes before time to pick up Dracen at school. 

I was barefoot because as much as I love shoes, I have some odd aversion to wearing them inside the house so they always come off the minute I walk through the door.  Both my boys inherited this quirk though they are far worse, kicking them off before they ever get in the house and slinging them across the garage.  Sometimes Dracen doesn't even make it out of the car before taking his off which is a real pain in the arse every time we have to make a bathroom stop on a long trip.   

But I digress.  

As I was saying, I was sitting on the couch, barefoot,and in cross-legged position, getting my pin on when I went to remove my right foot from underneath my left leg and place it on the floor when Owww!  Holy Smack!  Whuck tha whuck just stabbed into my frackin' foot?!  These push pins are supposed to be VIRTUAL!!!  

Then I saw the blood and dang near panicked because that was one deep, mysterious cut pouring blood out of the top of my foot.  My first response was to apply pressure because that's what you do, right?  Apply pressure to the wound?  So I was squeezing my bloody foot with my right hand, hopping around on my left foot and searching for the mystery weapon when I saw a tiny shard of glass in the crease of the sofa.   

And I immediately knew where it had come from.  Dracen came to me two days ago with the lid to my candy dish that he had accidentally broken and then tried to glue back together with the hot glue gun, thinking I'd be none the wiser.  Of course that didn't work so he had no choice but to turn himself in.  So I just told him to lay it on my dresser and I'd deal with it later.  Little did I know one piece was left behind.  On the loveseat. 

As I was hopping into the kitchen for something to make a tourniquet out of I had the thought that I may pass out and then there I'd be on the floor and Charlie would get a phone call when nobody picked up Dracen at school and then eventually I'd be found passed out in a pool of blood and possibly even dead on the kitchen floor.  What can I say? Sometimes my inner worry wart takes advantage of my imagination. 

But I did seriously think I was at the very least going to need stitches.  And truthfully, it probably could use a few but it's the top of my foot so I wasn't worried about the scar that will be left behind there and the bleeding did seem to be under control.  A tourniquet wasn't necessary after all.  Just a giant Band-aid and some Neosporin.  

It did enter my mind, however, that I'm pretty sure I haven't had a Tetanus shot since I fell on the ice carrying Devin in his infant carseat (which did its job of protecting him since he slid across the ice sideways in it and never missed a suck on his pacifier) and busted up my elbow. He's thirteen now so yeah, I'm long overdue for one.  

I'd better go google "Lockjaw"... 

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  1. You poor thing! I know that must have hurt like the dickens! I did something similar last summer when I was weed whacking our shrubs with an electric hedge trimmer. The next thing I knew, it stopped working...because I'd gotten my finger in the way of the blade. It's any wonder that thing didn't go flying! I grabbed the end of it and blood was dripping everywhere. I ran over to Chris who was in the front yard and told him to take a look at it...I'm not a fan of open wounds. He said I probably needed stictches, but I ran inside and cleaned it under running water. Slapped a giant Bandaid on it and out the door I trim some more! ;)

  2. Hope you are doing better. I know if I had cut my foot like that I would have passed out. I hate to see blood.

  3. Oh the joys of parenting and children trying to "correct" their mistakes.
    Come to think of it...I can't remember my last tetnus shot either...

  4. A reminder of when you hurt your foot and were screaming your head off. Mom asked you to show it to her and you gave her the wrong foot:)