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Friday, September 21, 2012

Dracen bought a house so I'm eating pickles

Yesterday when Charlie got home I told him I haven't been able to use my laptop all day.  He asked if something happened to it.  "Yeah, Dracen.  Dracen happened to it."  The kid is now obsessed with playing Wizard 101. I'm going to need to stage an intervention soon and I don't expect it to be pretty.  

In fact, it will probably be easier to just go ahead and buy another laptop since last night before bed he was able to buy a new house. "Mom, Mom, I need your help. I finally got this house I've been wanting and I need your help on deciding where the master bedroom should be. And where should I put the bed?  And..."  

This explains why he was interrogating Charlie and me over the price we paid for this house a couple of nights ago.  We never answer questions like that for fear our answers may one day be used against us in a court of law.  

But seriously, the laptop withdrawals I've been experiencing are not pretty. I ate pickles last night out of boredom.  I never eat pickles.  But the jar said they only had 5 calories per pickle so I figured that was better than throwing down on that box of football-shaped Little Debbie brownies. 

He was already on and signed in yesterday afternoon before I ever got in the door from the fourth grade field trip to the gem mine we took yesterday.  We all hunted gems in the red mud, the kids fished for gems in the freezing creek, and we fought the insane amounts of swarming yellow jackets to get more than two bites out of our lunches.

In a genius move, I opened up my container of caramel dip.  I do not recommend ever breaking out apple slices and caramel dip when you are being ambushed by yellow jackets. Me: 2 dips.  Yellow jackets: 562.  Fun times. 

As far as I know though, no kids, miraculously, were stung. And neither was I.  And we did find our share of pretty gems...

I went on that same field trip with Devin four years ago, when he was in the fourth grade and if my memory serves me correctly, that was the last one he ever allowed me to attend.  At least Dracen doesn't seem to be embarrassed by the mere presence of me just yet but I know the day is coming.  It is just a matter of time. 

It is also just a matter of time before he bounces back in here and pleads his case for this laptop again since today is a teacher workday and he is home  

Pass me the pickles...

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  1. My son's field trip is next Friday to visit a historic place where wagon ruts are still seen where settlers traveled west.

  2. Those gems are so pretty in that jar.

  3. Sounds like Dracen gets a really nice allowance to be buying a house.

    Did you go to Hiddenite?

    My sis digs for minerals as a hobby and makes some jewelry. Id like to try that some time. Minus the yellow Jackets.

  4. Nice gems...Maybe you could trade them for a good used laptop for Dracen and get yours back;)

  5. I am also facing the same dilemma here. So much so I'm entertaining the thought of net books for them for Christmas. *sigh* What is a girl to do?

  6. That seems like a fun field trip. I'm hoping my principal will let me go on the fourth grade beach field trip with my son this year. It's always a plus to have extra people who KNOW the trip on hand, so we'll see.

  7. That is my four year old and my iPod...however there are time restrictions and rules on it.
    Plus, when he's playing with it, I can sneak off and eat cupcakes...way better than pickles.
    I can't wait until the feild trips start at my son's school. I'm going on all of them. hee hee