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Friday, March 18, 2011

Fancy Friday...Spring Trends

I know this is something like the fifth Friday in a row here that I've begun by talking about a root canal.  A root canal that I was supposed to have yesterday morning.  Only guess what?  That hex I put on the endodontist must have worked because he came down with the flu.

Kidding, of course. About the hex, not the flu.  I am now rescheduled for next Friday.  I guess the little luck bestowing leprechaun thought I shouldn't be getting a root canal on St. Patrick's Day.  Apparently though, he didn't stop by the endodontist's house.  He must not have planned to wear his green. 

And speaking of the wearing o' the green... (And yes, yes I did just make another cheesy attempt at a smooth transition from root canal to easy task my easy task)

Emerald City Lights Necklace
According to InStyle, one of the top Spring trends is a statement necklace and this one from Ruche is certainly bold enough to make a statement.

Crochet, lace, and macrame items are also hot right now.  I love the following two lacy tops at Piperlime...

Embroidered Sleeve Top     

Line and Dot Eyelet Top
I think this one is my favorite. So fancy and feminine.

How about this for adding a little lace to your wardrobe?  $19.80 at Forever 21.  Can't beat that.

Floral prints are another little fancy popping up all over Spring this year.  And I think I am in love with these hotties...

Come to Mama! 

 Kimono Sleeve Floral Print Cowlneck
I spotted this sexy floral top at Macy's but unfortunately, it seems to currently be available in petite sizes only.  So, if you're a tiny little thing, here ya go!  On sale for $31.50

If you prefer your floral print to be a little more subtle then this soft and delicate wrap dress with dainty pink roses, lavendar flowers and tiny polka dots from ModCloth is perfect.  I love the ivory lace detail.  It wraps all the way across the back of the shoulders.   Lovely.

Seventies-inspired fashion is also back in a big way and I think every female alive in the 70's, no matter what age, had herself a funky pair of wedges or chunky heels.  I remember the first pair I ever saw.  I couldn't have been more than 4 years old but I knew I had to have me some of that action.  Come to think of it, I believe that was about the time my love for shoes was born. 

Here are just a couple I'm diggin' right now.

These also come in natural.  Chic Chickie!

Shake your groove thang!

Bangle bracelets also seem to be making a big comeback. 

Golden Opportunities Bangle Set
I found these at Francesca's.  Groovy.

Floral Arrangement Bangle
Or how about this one?  Perfect little "cherry on top" accessory for that 70's chic look. My inner flower child is practically doing cartwheels over this bracelet.  

Stripes are another popular trend right now.  I'm seen them on everything from shoes to scarves to dresses.  I realize some stripe patterns can be a little intimidating to try because who wants to be appear wider?  But, if worn right, I really think just about anyone can wear them.  

These long flowing maxi dresses are really hot right now too. I think the pattern on this one is a great example of how to wear stripes in a flattering way. You could do so much with it too. A shirt, jacket or cardigan over the top... a shirt underneath...or in the summer, just as it is.  I think it would look awesome with some of those funky 70's inspired wedges. Also comes in red. 

If you still aren't sold on the idea of wearing stripes all over, how about a striped scarf like this one.  $12.50 and comes in 3 colors.

Or how about a pair of striped flats or espadrilles? 

French Sole Yacht

Also in blue.
Diba Dance With Me Wedge

Also in blue and 6 solid colors...

And since we began with a statement necklace, why not end with one as well? 

Royalty Collar Necklace
So boho!  $8.80 at Forever 21

And that's all I've got for today.

Happy Friday, Y'all! 


  1. LOVE The Ella stripe dress. While stripes don't often work, that dress would suit my body type to a T. Too bad it's WAY over budget. ;)

  2. that campus wedge is fabulous! checking that out further now ;-)

  3. those wedges are great -- they'd make my legs look so slim!!

  4. Love all your choices. Makes me want spring right now.

  5. I mean seriously everything is absolutely...Let's see the Eli Slingback is both gorgeous and my son's name. Funny enough I would never have thought I'd like it, but I really like the Nine West Eyeful.

  6. Oh, that lace skirt is super cute. And you're right -- can't beat that price tag, either!

  7. Okay, I seem to have steeled myself well enough this week... maybe because I have a green eyelet top very similar to the first white one...

  8. Great finds this week. This is the fashion link I'm sharing:

  9. Spring has sprung! It was 80, today. I wore some boring old shorts. But, I had myself a fake tan going on:)

    Love the striped dress!

  10. Hi Diane,
    It was "tweet" of you to visit me!
    Great spring trends and good luck with the root canal - have plenty of ice ready!

  11. Omigosh. I love that necklace. And those Frye wedge sandals... I am tempted to order them on the spot.

  12. As always, great stuff.

    I don't trust myself with white shirts though. Or white anything.