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Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Recap

Spring seems to have packed up its bags and headed straight outta town without so much as a note, a kiss goodbye or a forwarding address.  How rude.

The rain and cold temps. did not, however, stop Brisco "Big Boy" Darling the wiener dog from going outside and slinging red mud all over the backyard yesterday afternoon, forcing us to bathe him twice.  And even after I made him look me in the eye when I demanded, "DON'T DIG."  in my best Darth Vader voice.  I guess I wasn't scary enough. 

Speaking of scary, I finally had the first of the two root canals on Friday and maybe it was due to the anti-anxiety medicine they gave me to take before my appointment, but (and I can't believe I'm saying this) it was not that bad.  Really.  

The sound of him opening up the tooth with that drill was a little intimidating but after that, I was kicked back and relaxed in my sexy red-tinted shades they put on me, and found it amusing when his assistant told me that she'd give my husband the same instructions she was giving me just in case I couldn't remember. 

Come again?  Why would I not remember? Apparently, it happens a lot with patients under the influence of the anti-anxiety medication they gave me, Halcion.  I remember everything.  From the first shot (that managed to numb the entire left side of my face, including my eye) to the paying of the big fat bill at the end, which was actually the worst part of the whole experience. 

I asked Charlie to stop at Sonic on the way home for a shake and he at first thought I was kidding since I've been on this calorie-counting kick for the past week but I was so not kidding.  I couldn't eat and I figured I deserved a little treat since I was such a big girl at my appointment and all.  

I got home and went straight to the laptop to look up how many calories are in a regular sized hot fudge shake from Sonic.  Do you have any idea?  Care to guess?  SIX HUNDRED AND EIGHT!  6.0.8. calories in one little shake.  

I gasped, slammed the laptop shut and slept for the next 3 hours.  Devin creeped into the sunroom where I was awake but still lying down when he got off the bus and asked if I was knocked out.  I had warned them that I may be since I'd never taken this drug before and didn't want them to be freaked out to come home and see me in a semi-comatose state. 

He seemed relieved that I was indeed awake and wanted to make sure I remembered that he had cleaned his room the day before so that he could have a friend sleep over.  I assured him that I remembered though looking back on it, I should have faked amnesia and messed with him a little bit.  Gah, I always get the best ideas way after the fact. 

Saturday afternoon Charlie and I had a movie date.  We saw Limitless  which was very entertaining, although I could have done without the violent parts and the young couple in the back of the theater who could not seem to control their chatter, giggling, endless trips to the bathroom/concession stand and the dropping of some sort of candy all over the floor, which they found absolutely hysterical.  

I looked back to shoot them my evil eye when at the same time Charlie turned around and asked them, (though it didn't really sound so much like a question) in his best Darth Vader voice, to be quiet. And they obliged. We didn't hear so much as a peep out of them after that.

Maybe next time I should ask him to give the "don't dig in the mud" speech to that stubborn little wiener dog. 


  1. I'm glad to hear the good news about your first root canal. One down and one to go. Spring is being equally rude up here. Brrrr.

  2. So glad you survived:)
    It's stormed here Friday and last night. It makes it seem like all that hard yard work we did last week was in vain...especially when we got some drought resistant plants:)

  3. OMG. I can't believe that about Sonic's shakes. I'll never want one again.

    Well, maybe...

    Glad it wasn't as bad as you feared!

  4. You were so depressed at the calorie count that you fell asleep for hours. LOL (Ok, I know it was the dental procedure but it's more fun to think it was the shake.)

    That made me cringe when you mentioned them cracking open your tooth. Ewwww...

  5. Oh, the messing you could have done!! Plan ahead for the next one! :) So glad to hear it went well -- but even you eye was numb?? wow.

  6. Glad to hear that you had a good experience. On to #2!
    The weather is yucky everywhere. I live in Richmond and had really hoped that the balmy days were here to stay but, alas more of the cold, damp, soggies for us, too.
    I gotcha beat with the digging though. My two young black labs have been loving this weather and the muck that comes with it! Take care. Good luck with the next surgery!!

  7. YAY! So glad the actual root canal is not as bad as you feared! I didn't get any drugs... I was too skeered I would say something blogworthy, hee hee!

  8. I always get shakes after a root canal. Heh. Well, okay. At least after having dental work done. And holy smokes, 608 calories. Gulp.
    That's quite a shake.