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Friday, March 25, 2011

Fancy Friday...Come back to me, Spring!

Brrr. Who turned off the heat? It was 31 degrees in the car when I drove the boys to school this morning and the upcoming forecast says Spring has temporarily left the building. 

But aside from that and the fact that I will finally, finally, have the most dreaded and blogged about root canal this side of the Mississippi this morning, the Fancy Friday show must go on so let's just get right to it, shall we? 

Leather And Satin d'Orsay Wedge Sandals
I spotted these adorable yellow things at Spiegel and they just shout "Spring" to me! Come back, Spring, come back!  We were just getting reacquainted! 

Chandelier Earrings
$18 at Urban Outfitters.  Love, Love, Love!  And they also come in a delicate pink.

Contrast Sundress
The possibilities for this sundress are just endless and the straps?  Detachable. 

English Rose Kimono Blouse

This Anthropologie top is probably one of those things that you'd just have to try on but the combination of those ruffles, that silk and that ribbon just sucked me right in.

Well-Grounded Heel
And wouldn't it go perfectly with these smokin' leather platforms from ModCloth? 

Coconut Cream Bangle Set

I'm been searching high and low for the perfect bangle set and this one is definitely in the running.  $16 at Lulu's. 

Fossil Natural Mystic Vintage Flower Necklace
Van Morrison's Into the Mystic just suddenly popped into my head after typing that.  Mystic, Vintage and Natural in one description?  Now that's my kind of necklace.  Also comes in yellow or white. 

Tied Down Dress
This Anthropologie dress just makes me smile. Also comes in navy. 

Fossil Stella Watch
I am so into this watch.

Embellished Getaway Tunic
I would get away with this flowing feminine tunic from Boston Proper anytime.  Anytime.  

Too bad the only place I'm going to be getting away to today is the endodontist's office.  Unless, of course, he comes down with the flu again but I find that highly unlikely. 

Y'all have a great weekend and if you see Spring around your way, send it on back to North Carolina!   


  1. It was 83 degrees in Nashville Tuesday and 36 this morning. Ugh!

    Good luck today. I fear the dental chair! LOL

    Love the earrings you posted, the watch and the dress!

  2. It's warmed up, now. We planted for 5 hrs. Wednesday. I got a pedi, mani, and massage as a reward.

    2 words for Spring "Shellac Manicure" to die for:)and, I'm not a manicure type girl.

  3. I agree. I need spring back, too. Love that Anthropologie top -- I think ribbon makes everything better, doesn't it? I'm a big fan of unique jewelry, too, so that Fossil necklace is really calling my name! Awesome picks!

  4. Yikes- good luck with your root canal!

    This weather we are having is totally wacky.

  5. OMG I love everything you picked. I purposely did not click on links b/c I knew it would be hard to resist buying.

  6. Totally forgot to comment on your awesome picks. Anthropologie blouse and dress are super cute. And all your jewelry picks.

    Enjoy the pain meds:)

  7. Love that turquoise necklace. This was my fashion post for the week:

  8. I'm really loving everything you posted. This fashion post is dangerous!

  9. I love your picks but my fav is the tunic. Its gorgeous!
    Oh and Spring is doing the same thing here, lol, I wonder whats up with that.