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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Friendship Flashback, 80's style

Christine, Me, Christy, Michelle, Jeannie

I believe this photo was taken in 1988 (11th grade) on a band trip to Carolina Beach. We were colorguard/flag girls and let me tell you, if you had lit a match in the room we just got ready in, it would have gone up in flames from all the Rave hairspray fumes floating around in there.

Christine was one of the best friends a teenage girl could have asked for.  She and her sister had cars and I didn't so thanks to them, I was spared from riding the bus to school my junior and senior years because they gave me a ride every single day.  Oh, the bus horror I would have faced had it not been for her!  I reconnected with her on facebook a couple of years ago.  She is now a NICU nurse and a mother of two toddlers, a boy and a girl. 

Christy is now a CPA and a mother of three (two girls and one boy).  She and Jeannie, and I were all pregnant with boys at the same time in 1999.  I know I have a picture of  the three of us in all our expectant mother glory around here somewhere though it will probably never make this blog because I was not a cute pregnant, at least not the first time around. 

Jeannie is a fellow mom of two boys and is now a senior director for Thirty-One Gifts. She's been telling me she's going to start coming to pilates and zumba with me soon and I'm patiently waiting.  ;)

Michelle is still my best friend to this day.  She is a stay home mom to two beautiful little girls and although we don't see each other often, we have always been there for each other when it has mattered the most.  For 25 years. 25 years this August since we met.  Good Lawd, that makes me sound old!

But I don't feel old and I could not be more okay with turning 40 with all these lovely ladies this year.  Well, I think Christine turned 40 last year, in November, but close enough. 

Happy 40th Birthday Year, Ladies! 


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  1. The hair pretty epic.
    You're lucky to still keep in touch ;)

  2. Love the flashback! So cool you're all still friends and keep in touch! :)

    WW: Waiting for Spring

  3. And the shoes. Oh, those little sneakers. And big ole shorts! I have those same pix. HAWT. Happy 40th birthday year!!

  4. This is really sweet. It's just amazing how fast time flies though. Wasn't it the 80s yesterday??

  5. Oh what a great flashback huh?!?

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  6. Love the pic! What amazing friends you have.

  7. I don't think there's a soul I still talk to from my childhood, but after moving so much it was just too much work to keep up with everyone. Love that 80's hair!

  8. Great photo--I totally remember having hair and a jeans skirt EXACTLY like that!

  9. I have some similar photos! I was in colorguard too :) Fun time in my life

  10. THose are the best kind of friends. Really. THey are. I have a few of those. And I love the hair and the skirts. Awesome!!

  11. Aquanet and Rave nearly went bankrupt when big hair went down!


    Love that you keep in touch with all of these ladies. Such a blessing to be able to look back!

  12. Love, love LOVE to see pictures like this. How fondly I recall Rave, but I was never cool enough to know how to do my hair that perfectly poofy way. You've got to dig up the prego pictures! I'm sure you were looking great. And if not, well, then who cares, it's not everyone who can sublet their body to another human being!

  13. Great pictures, great memories! Good friends really are priceless.

  14. Love the hair styles! Sounds like you are all still cool girls! Neat picture.

  15. Tonight, I was downtown and happened to look over at a Bridal Shop. There was a mannequin in the window with a bright pink prom dress sooo similar to one that I had in aqua. It was a mermaid shaped bottom. I thought, "man, I should have hung on to that thing. I could make some money":)

  16. priceless. love the white shoes.