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Friday, March 11, 2011

Fancy Friday...$30 and under

I've been a little slack on the blog posts this week but I think I've been experiencing a bit of writer's block, or should I say blogger's block? 

Either way, I've had it. 

It seems every time I try to write a post, it becomes all about my dental woes again which I could go on and on about because I went back to my regular dentist Tuesday and let me just tell you, my mouth is still sore and as much as the truth hurts (pun intended), I do indeed need two root canals, one of which I will have next Thursday. 

Fun times.

Actually, from what I've read about the drug he is prescribing, that may not be too far from the truth. 

Apparently, I may not even remember being there and I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing because number one, I may make a complete and utter fool of myself and will still have to go back and show my face for root canal number two at a later date and number two, how the heck am I supposed to blog all about the hilariousness of myself under the influence of this drug if I can't remember anything?  

Why my teeth have suddenly become so high maintenace is beyond me.  I floss, brush, wear that ridiculous night guard that makes me look like Bugs Bunny every night to bed so that I don't grind them, and have them professionally cleaned every six months. 

What more do they want?! 

Oh, I know...

A couple of root canals worth a grand each!

And that is why this edition of Fancy Friday will contain nothing over 30 dollars...

First up are these adorable little red cork wedges from Target  for 24.99.  Oh, how I love me some Target.   

Kylie Jacket
I never really thought of myself as an orange jacket kind of person but this boyfriend jacket that Sundance Catalog calls 'paprika' is working on changing my mind.  Regular price: $128.  Sale price: $29.99!   If orange still isn't your thing though, it also comes in lilac and a pretty oyster color. 

Flower thong slide
I spotted these darling little things at NY & Co. for $19.95.  In addition to 'delightful pink', they also come in 5 other delightful colors, including gold, silver and lilac...

I also found this sweet little flower there for $10.95.  You could pin this to a caridgan, jacket ,or purse...or even wear it in your hair.  Love it!  Oh, and it comes in 4 feminine colors but this one, 'sunflower garden', is my favorite.

I'm loving these scarf print totes at Old Navy...$19.50.  I came very close to buying one in there a couple of weeks ago.  Casual and fancy, all wrapped in one little tote.  What's not to love?  They come in 5 different prints.  

Raffia belt
You can really find some great deals at Coldwater Creek's online outlet, like this colorful, woven rafia belt.  Was: $39.95 Now: $19.95   So Springy!

Bead detail knit top

I also spotted this embellished v-neck top there marked down to $29.99.  Love this rich shade of brown.  I'd pair it with a colorful cardigan/jacket or maybe some turquoise jewelry.

Ruffle Scoop Neck Tee
This soft little cotton tee with the ruffled scooped neckline is on sale for $20 at the Loft and comes in 10 different colors.  I know this is a tiny photo but you can see it better by clicking on the link.  The Loft is very stingy with their photos.

Smocked Silk Skirt
I found this at Sundance's online outlet.  Originally priced at $118. Marked down to $29.99. Sweet!

Chenin grape scarf
I've been drooling over this scarf at Ruche for weeks now.  It also comes in gray and is only $22.99.  So unique. 

Women's Pintucked Lace-Trim Tank Dresses

You can't beat this Old Navy dress for $29.50.  You could dress it up with a cardigan, scarf, jewelry...or just wear it with a pair of flip flops in the summer for a casual look. 2 color choices.

The Heritage Boatneck Sailor Tee
Love, love, love this cheerful yellow sailor tee with three-quarter sleeves from Land's End Canvas.  It also comes in gray and two navy/ivory combinations. Perfect for Spring!  $29.50.

Allure of peacock necklace
Because, who doesn't need a peacock necklace?  Gorgeous.  $11.99

And that concludes this special bargain edition of Fancy Friday.  Whew! That was way more challenging than I had anticipated.

Y'all have a great weekend!  




  1. I feel for you. I have had 2 root canals, and I don't understand why as well. I diligently take care of my teeth, go to the dentist every 6 months, yadda, yadda... Anyway -- you will feel SOOO much better after they are done. You will ask yourself how you were eating/surviving with your teeth in such pain. Good luck!

  2. hmm, that t-shirt looks great! Mine are so blah. I hope your root canals aren't too bad. I've heard you'll feel so much better afterward. And good meds are a major bonus!

  3. I am so sorry you have to go through the root canals. I wish you all the best with it. Thank you so much for your comment my friend. I wrote it because many of us know we have coyotes around but do not see them. But they are out there. They come out more at night. While researching about it I found that many children have been attacked in the summer wile they are playing in their yards because it stays lighter later. I had never seen them either and they had come right to my moms deck. Anyway, thank you for your kind words. Ireally apprecaite it. I love the red shoes and the pink flip flops. Have a good day.
    Mama Hen

  4. I'm all for keeping the price points down! Thank you for that! I do love that Old Navy dress so much!

    I feel so badly for you that you have such dental trouble!

  5. It will be okay. My experience has been that root canals are painless and actually easier than most dental visits.

  6. great finds! My faves are the ruffle scoop necked tee shirt and the smocked silk skirt. (WHAT A DEAL!)

  7. man. dental woes are the pits.
    and i wish i could wear orange - i love that blazer!!

  8. Great picks! I am obsessed with scarves and that one is so pretty. And I am a total sucker for sailor tees, but I do not have a yellow one. hmmm...

    As for the dental issues -- total bummer. had to get a root canel last year, preggers with a toddler and actually did not mind laying back for over an hour. Just have them make sure you are comfy and I honestly did not think it was that bad. Good luck.

  9. I totally went out and got the shoes at Kohl's last week and then ended up getting an outfit to go with... it was like a trip to Target... can't leave without spending less than $100!

    I'll have a post of my purchases up next week and will give credit where it's due!

  10. I have to get some dental work too! My estimated total for 3 crowns-$3,000.00!!! What???
    I feel your pain!

    I love that scarf. So cute! :)

  11. Went to Target last night and those wedges you posted are just a drop in the bucket. They had shelves of cute as can be shoes.

    Boo, root canal:(

  12. Ouch. I hate teeth problems.

    Cute stuff, as always.

  13. Love how you related the cost of your dental work to this post and the items being $30 or less! Let's all hear it for stuff that is under $30...and I want that chenil grape scarf!

  14. Alright, Mama, I called you out just like I said I would! :)

  15. I am in love with those sandals and that pin. I have got to check out Sundance. They seem to have some great deals. I hope everything goes well Thursday.