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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wiener Wednesday...Gifts for the Dachshund Lover

I think I said once, a few months back, that I was going to dedicate my Wednesday posts to all things Dachshund. Remember me saying that?  Well, I dropped the wiener ball on that one it seems but today I'm picking it back up and will hopefully manage to keep it in the air for awhile.  

Today, since there are only something like 27 shopping days until Christmas, I thought I'd construct a list of things any Dachshund freak like me would love to receive as a gift...

The Dachshund Walking Stick Umbrella
I can't think of anything else I'd rather have keeping me dry while walking in the rain.  And best of all, it is for sale in the Doxie Store at DRNA (Dachshund Rescue of North America), the organization that brought me and the Darlings together, so the proceeds will help other little Dachsies like them find their forever homes.  
Hand-Hammered Iron Dachshund Dog Foot Stool
Is this not the cutest little whimsical thing?  I found it at Plow and Hearth a few months ago and would love to give it a home between our two Adirondack chairs.
Sweet Dachshund Dishtowel
I am convinced that this dishtowel from Anthropologie was made for me.  I mean, look at that, if even says "Darling Dachshunds" right there on the front.  

Blue Paisley Long Haired Dachshund Bag
This etsy seller offers several different Dachsie bags and I am in love with every single one of them.  OscarsCreations speaketh my love language. 

Wiener Catch-All Dish
I love Urban Outfitters for this.

Dachshund Dessert Trays
These can also be found at the DRNA Doxie Store.  They make me want to throw a party.

Dachshund Print Cosmetic Case
Also at DRNA. Love it.
Dachshund Cuff Bracelet
Another little treasure find from etsy...  

Longhaired Dachshund Weathervane 
This makes me smile.

Dachshund in Paris Art Print
Let's see...A Dachshund and Paris? At the same time?  Yes, please!

Dachshund iPhone Case
A little French wiener case?  Oui! (Get your mind out of the gutter, Beavis.)
Happy Tails,

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  1. I like the foot stool. Tucker is a cockpoo but Dashchund is my husbands favorite kind of dog.

  2. I had no idea there were so many themed goodies and boy you found the best of the best! So cute!

  3. I'm guessing you are pretty easy to buy for. :)

  4. Who knew that there were so many dashchund things out there. I would definitely consider that foot stool. How cute is that?

  5. Be still my heart, Diane! Wonder if Santa will bring me all of them?

  6. I really like the umbrella. Probably because I never have an umbrella when I need one!

    I do remember you 'saying' that, but me, the non dog lover, would not have called you on it!

  7. I was in a store inside the Cotton Exchange in Wilmington. They had some Weiner items and prints.

    Obviously you are not alone in your love for the elongated pups.