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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stubborn is as Stubborn does

My brain is giving me the silent treatment today... I saw that on one of those ecards on Pinterest the other day and can relate so much more than I wish I could.  Only with me it's more like my brain is giving me the incoherent thoughts treatment.

I wasted my entire morning yesterday trying to come up with a post  and while I came up with many topics I'd like to write about, the words just wouldn't come.

School was out here on Monday for Veteran's Day and I reluctantly agreed to take the boys shopping for clothes.  It's not that I don't love clothes shopping but I can honestly say that I'd just about rather have another root canal (and I've had two) because at least the dentist gives me drugs.  

Yes, it is that bad.  Or at least it seems that bad to me. In the end I suppose it was a success since I did not have to use physical force against them and we came away with several pairs of pants/jeans, a couple of shirts and a pair of Vans. 

All Dracen's jeans had turned into highwaters that would have only been appropriate had he been going for the Opie Taylor goes fishing with Pa look and Devin only had one pair he could still squeeze into. He has surpassed me in weight now and will no doubt be towering over me sometime within the next year and I'm not sure how I feel about that.  

When I picked him up from Wrestling yesterday he told me he's not sure he's even going to keep doing it because it will interfere with baseball tryouts after the first of the year and then he went on to  tell Charlie last night that they told him he'd either have to cut his hair of wear a hairnet to wrestle in a match. 

His hair is not that long but it's not a crew cut either.  He did not take his gym bag this morning so I suppose he is done.  It always comes back to the hair.  

I think he's had one too many a cute girl tell him she loves his hair and of course he does have that whole stubborn thing going for him too.  He is my son after all and stubborn, as I have come to learn, does not tend to fall very far from the tree.  Paybacks are hell. 

But apparently two stubborn offspring was not enough for me since I feel the overwhelming need to have Dachshunds in my life and they are all nothing if not stubborn.  Friday afternoon the mobile pet groomer came and left them smelling like roses and looking like this...

It lasted all of 24 hours before they found something sticky and putrid to roll in in the backyard, forcing me to bathe them Monday morning and yet again yesterday morning after I caught them digging their way to China in the red mud underneath the basketball goal.  I suspect moles since I'm pretty sure there are no badgers to speak of around these parts.  

In other news, I've agreed to decorate the altar table at church for Thanksgiving this year so I must sign off and make my way to Hobby Lobby.  

With any luck my brain will resume sharing thoughts with me sometime before tomorrow, allowing me to post something a little more worthy of reading.  

Fingers crossed, 

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  1. I love your post. There is something so endearing about your modesty and honesty.


  2. Oh, one more thing...adorable doggie photos!

  3. Those little stinkers getting dirty that fast...naughty! ;) It's SO weird when the kids overtake you in size, isn't it? I can't believe your day is coming so soon though.

  4. Hahaha, I don't have dachshund but I have heard of their massive personality in a small package.

    After reading your post I am going to be extremely thankful that I still pick out the kids' clothing and purchase all of it by myself ;-)

  5. Aww...your doxies look so precious! I love those bright orange leaves in the background, too! Why is it that just as soon as they get all bathed and smelling pretty, they have to go outside and within're back to square one, again? Little stinkers!

  6. Bonus Brother was home from college this past weekend. I told him he should shave. Now, he has no issue with shaving, and normally it's no big deal. But because we WANTED him to shave, he dug in.


    I hope for his sake, he realizes sometime before he's 25 that wasting your energy on being stubborn over stupid stuff you'll do anyway is pointless.

    But judging from his father, It's unlikely.

    For the record... Tony DID shave... (because I told him to. :)

    Have fun at Hobby Lobby!

  7. Ahh the Boy hair. Luckily mine is still in the stage where he likes it practically buzzed so he doesn't have to do anything to it!

    And the Daschunds...have I ever told you my children's father has one? I won't lie, it brings me small moments of joy when they come home with stories of the dog's mishaps. And then there was the time their little sister dumped fish tank starter all over the brand new rug. Small things that I should not find pleasure in, but do!

  8. Oh I hate it when you sit at your computer trying to squeeze out a post and come up with nothing. I get mad that I wasted that time.
    Shopping has become a real chore for me. Chunky grows like a weed and he has his own taste in clothes now. I shop for him at H&M...he likes trendy.

  9. There are so many stubborn people in my house. I might actually start believing in Karma:)