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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Five Things That Bring Me Comfort

1. Quilts and Throws 
There is just something about them that never fails to evoke a sense of warmth and comfort in me...The sight of them draped over a chair is enough...the knowing it's there should I need it.  I have a hard time turning down a good deal on yet another fuzzy throw or quilt.  

There is a large thrift/antique mall in my area that I love to frequent.  I have found many an unbelievable deal in that place.  Yesterday as I was in there strolling the aisles for items to use in my Thanksgiving cornucopia display for church I spotted a small quilt for thirteen dollars!  I immediately picked it up, hugged it to my chest and sniffed it.  It smelled clean...fresh.  I actually said to myself aloud, "Thirteen dollars?  They only want thirteen dollars for this?! SOLD!" It is now draped across the loveseat in our living room.  

And several months back I found a full-sized quilt in the same place for the bargain price of twenty dollars.  It lives on the guest bed upstairs...

2. Southern Soul Food 
I grew up on fried chicken and okra, pinto beans, cornbread, sweet tea, chicken and dumplings, and the list goes on...  I am a little more health conscious now but with moderation, I still savor all those fattening, stick to your ribs foods I grew up eating and I always feel at home, no matter where I am, when I eat them.  

Proof that food was one of my first loves lies in this old photo of my little baby self caught in the act of stealing my mother's pork chop right out from under her nose...

3. Books
I just love having them around me.  They have much the same effect on me as the quilts and I always flock to them in antique stores and thrift shops.  Just as I do the quilts, when I'm drawn to an old book, I always pick it up and smell it (call me weird) before checking for an inscription and I can almost never turn one down if it has one...

4. My Front Porch Swing
It has been in my life for eighteen years, moving with me two years ago.  I gave it a paint job and we finally got around to hanging it here back in the spring.  I can't even look at it, much less sit in it, without a flood of memories blanketing my soul.  

5. The Cross
You will find them here and there throughout my home and each one of them, no matter how I came to possess it or how long it has been in my life, brings me the greatest comfort I know. 

The cross is a reminder of how to live, how to be, how to love ...a reminder that our homes here on this earth are so very temporary and that our souls will one day experience a joy and a comfort that we cannot even begin to imagine...And all because He first loved us.

What brings you comfort? 

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  1. I've always wanted a front porch swing!!!
    My son was given an old quilt that my great great grandma made. it's been passed down to my grandma, my mom, and now him. he sleeps with it every night.

  2. I'm a quilt junkie, too. Quilts from grandmothers before, vintage finds from thrift shops or yard sales. I even make them once in awhile. I love them! Benches are another obsession. I have them in my house and yard. All different styles and colors. They are so fun. I had a porch swing when I was young and have such wonderful memories swinging on it with my mother. I would love to have one again.

  3. I am so very much in love with your porch swing and the fact you even have a porch. I am so hoping that one day I'll have a house with a wraparound, and yes, I'm going to put a swing on mine as well.

    I love your list of special comforts.

  4. I love quilts! My paternal grandma made me a quilt when I turned 18...way back when. I still have it and cherish it so much. I can't believe the bargains you jealous! I, too, love porch swings. We have one below our back deck and it overlooks our backyard and the small lake we live on. It's my favorite spot to sit and think. I love what you wrote about the crosses...and they bring me comfort, as well. I must does dark chocolate with almonds! :)

  5. AMEN to #5! That should be the most comforting of everything! Our lives, are paid in full, YAHOO!! Great list!

    Your newest follower!!! =)
    Visiting from Mama Kat's!

  6. An awesome list. I have an old porch swing, that I love. Old books can have a great smell. Thanks for visiting.

  7. Pajamas. And hot cocoa. And sometimes a wee bit of sambucca in the hot cocoa. :)

  8. Beautiful pictures of your world, Diane!
    I'd never actually thought about what brings me comfort. Hmmm... 5 things-- My Bible, my husband's arms, the smell of my girls' heads as I kiss them goodnight, the memory of my Daddy's hands, and a warm cup of coffee or chai.

  9. Fabulous list! Books was one of the things that almost made it on my list, but I haven't had much (okay any) time to read this fall. I have the same Women's Devotional Bible! You are the first person I've "met" who has it!

  10. I did forget my spirituality on my five. How could it? That probably is what brings me comfort more of all.

  11. This post brings me comfort! I love all of it.
    I have a quilt that my father's aunts made by hand. I cherish it!
    I have a cross wall; all of my crosses hanging together. I need to take a pic of both of these things.

  12. I love sweat pants:) They are so comfy. I love my old Bibles that are all marked up. I sleep with a fuzzy blanket your dad gave me several years back. It's so comfy!