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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

32 Things...

1. Did you know that they do not make real snakeskin boots for kids? 

2. I checked.  They make "snake print" boots for kids but not the real thing and it is apparently my fault since Dracen got mad at me when I informed him of this yesterday afternoon.  

3. Now he doesn't want them at all.  

4. I told him I have a pair and I don't think he believed me until I broke them out of their dust covered box in my closet. 

5.  He then wanted to know why I have them and I told him the story of how, when I was 21 years old, I wanted them just about more than anything in the world and got them for Christmas that year.  

6. As it turned out, I didn't really want them as bad as I thought I did since I wore them precisely two times.  

7. They had a church price tag of $20 with Darin's name on it and I was puzzled at first but then I remembered we'd donated them to the church yard sale years ago but I guess nobody was in the market for a pair of barely worn women's size 8 snakeskin boots at the rock bottom price of twenty dollars that year so they gave them back.

8. Maybe I'll wear them around the retirement home with my red hat when I'm 95.  

9. Do you have your Christmas decorations up yet?

10. We're still looking at pumpkins and scarecrows over here because the boys went on a hunting trip with their popaw, uncle and cousin over the weekend and Dracen turns into an angry little elf if we put the tree up without him.  

11. I made that mistake once a couple of years ago.

12. I'm afraid the elves are going to stage an outbreak if I don't let them out soon.

13. Have you ever had the dishwasher loaded and realized you were out of Cascade or whatever kind of dishwasher detergent you use?  

14. Happened to me last night and unloading that thing and washing all those dishes by hand was just not an acceptable solution for me.  

15. After a quick Google search, I discovered that you can use a couple (I used three) drops of dish soap and a handful of baking soda.  

16. I started it before I went to bed and had sparkly clean dishes this morning.  

17. Also, I've been using paper towels in place of coffee filters for the past five days which also works like a charm.

18.  I may never go to the store again.  

19. Or at least until I run out of paper towels, baking soda and Dawn.

20. Who knew that there is a magazine all about the "soul of the south" called Garden and Gun

21.  How appropriate, right?

22. Somehow I did not until I came across their website yesterday. 

23. I was tempted to subscribe to the magazine but opted for the email updates instead.

24. I didn't think it wise to invite another magazine into my house since I cleaned like a fool over the weekend and currently have something like five hundred thousand magazines in the garage waiting to be recycled.

25.  I'm debating on whether or not to put them all at the road at one time or spread them out over a few weeks.

26.  I guess I should spread them out or risk getting on the recycle guy's bad side.

27.  He doesn't seem all that friendly to begin with and I'm afraid he may "accidentally" take out my mailbox or something if I spring all that mess on him at one time.

28. Did you know that married socks live longer than single socks?

29.  It's true.  Because in addition to tackling the magazine issue over the weekend, I also staged a sock intervention by washing every dirty sock I could find, dumping out the singles basket for one last shot at a mate, and kicking any leftover singles to the curb.

30. I'm hoping this will encourage the remaining socks in my house to stay faithful.  

31. Did you hear the good news that Twinkies may not be left to die after all?  

32.  Hail to the Twinkie!

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  1. I found 3 socks rolled up together in my drawer the other day. Sister socks?

    1. It does sound like you have a case of sock polygamy on your hands. Don't encourage them!

  2. Oh, I accidentally put dishwashing liquid in my dishwasher a few years back...bad mistake! Came downstairs to find soap suds all over the hardwood floors in our kitchen! Such a mess!

    1. Oh no! Yeah, the instructions were very clear use no more than two or three drops!

    2. Yes we put our decorations up. First time I have ever done it this early.

  3. Christmas decorations were supposed to happen on Sunday. But shortly after dragging everything out we received a phone call from Bonus Brother saying he now needed a ride BACK to college. ANOTHER THREE HOURS round trip. *sigh*

    So currently it just looks like Christmas exploded inside my house.

    Does that count?