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Friday, December 9, 2011

Fancy Friday...Favorite Things!

I realize I have not done a Fancy Friday post in awhile so in the spirit of the season, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things with y'all. Just don't go gettin' all crazy squealy on me because I'm no Oprah and will not be giving away an iPad or a car at the end of this post.   

So if you're still with me, here we go...

Red Bird Necklace
Y'all know how I love my redbirds, right? I bought this necklace on etsy almost a year ago and it is still one of my very favorite things to wear around my neck.  This seller has some other really cute stuff too!

Candlewick Bedspread
I do not have this but I came across it at Plow and Hearth when I was doing some online Christmas shopping.  Call me old fashioned if you must, but I want one of these in a bad way...

Straight Sexy Hair Smooth & Seal
I don't know what I ever did before I discovered this stuff.  Seriously.  Nothing can tame my big hair frizz better than this.  I spray a little on (sometimes a lot, when it's really humid) before I dry or straighten my hair and it works wonders!  
Willow Tree Nativity Set
I showed a picture on here last year of my Willow Tree Nativity that is currently out on my mantle.  I had always wanted a nativity set and when I saw this one years ago, I knew it was the one.  Darin bought it for me that year and gave it to me on Christmas morning (the day before he left this earth).  I did not have the stable for it, however, until last year when Charlie and the boys gave it to me for Christmas.  It is near and dear to my heart...
Promise Cross
I've been eyeing this thing for a really, really long time.  I don't know why I haven't broken down and bought it yet but I did give Charlie a few hints this year and this was one of them.  So we'll see... ;)  
Neutrogena Make-up Remover Towelettes
Again, this is one of those beauty products that makes me wonder what I did before I discovered... Went to bed without removing my make-up a lot of times, no doubt!   These things are amazing.  They even get the waterproof mascara off and I don't have to get my face all wet and wake myself completely up after I've been dozing on the couch before bedtime.  Love them! 
Elsie Boots by Arturo Chiang
If it is possible to be in love with a pair of boots then I am.  With these.  There is nothing I do not love about these boots and there was no breaking in time... Felt like I was walking on sunshine the first time I put them on my feet.  These boots?  Are my friends...

Freshwater Pearl Trinity Earrings
I don't have these but I do have a few things this talented etsy seller has made and I love them all! And she just happens to be my childhood best friend... I haven't seen her in more years than I can remember but keep up with her and all her many critters on good ol' facebook.  

Dachshund Wine Company Giclee Print
I actually have this in my kitchen.  I happened upon it at a HomeGoods about a year or more ago and felt like I had won the lottery!  I saw it on etsy one day when I was surfing around.  Oh, how I love etsy...

Maybelline Full 'N Soft Waterproof Mascara
This is the only mascara I use.  And I've tried a lot of them over the  years!
YoCrunch Fruit Parfaits
I eat these all the time.  Blueberry is my favorite but the strawberry and peach are really good too!

Puma Soleil Sneakers
These are so cute and comfortable.  Great for Pilates and perfect for Zumba because they are smooth on the bottom.  I wear them to death!  I should probably think about getting them in another color, I wear them so much...

Marraceck Curtains
I think I showed these curtains on here once but that was like a year ago, wasn't it?  I just had to include them again here in my favorite things because although I fretted and sweated a bit before breaking down and spending the money for these at Anthro, I have not regretted it once. They are great quality and hang in my dining room.  They were exactly what I was looking for when I didn't even know what I was looking for!  
And here they are in my dining room...

Antiqued Wood Dachshund
This was another thing I stumbled upon recently while doing some online Christmas shopping.  I don't have it but it was on the hint list I shared with Charlie.  A rustic wood Dachshund?  This is my taste in a nutshell!  

Fetch a Passion Dog Tags
Another little gem I discovered on etsy.  Since I'm pretty sure the Darlings do not know about this blog, I can share these with y'all.  They are getting them for Christmas.  They are currently in the mail so I don't have them yet but I saw this one and knew Brisco Darling had to have it because he is the Chief of the Squirrel Patrol! His name and info. will be on the back...

Charlene is getting this one though of course it will say "Charlene" and not "Sugar" though there was a little Dachshund named Sugar in our lives for a very long time who belonged to my inlaws Bob and Pat.  She was going on 17 when she died in 2009.  

La Mer Wrap Watches
I know I've shown y'all these watches before but I could not do a Favorite Things post without including this.  Apparently I am not the only one who loves them because I've gotten more comments/compliments on mine than anything I've ever owned.  I'm not even a big watch person normally but I love this thing!

And I'm sure I could go on and on with this post but none of us have all day so I will leave it here.  I know y'all probably thought I was going to include Nutella and I thought about it, I really did.  But I want you to know that I went to the grocery store yesterday and did not buy a jar.  I'm quite proud of that accomplishment!  

Happy Friday, Y'all!  

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  1. Love your dining room! I started collecting Willow Tree figurines after my in laws gave me one when son #1 was born. Also I want those boots!

  2. I think Etsy would be a very dangerous thing for me. Your dinning room curtains are gorgeous!!! Hope you have a great Friday also my friend.

  3. I love, love, love that red bird necklace! And the curtains... very pretty!

  4. Love the dining room curtains. Those are very unique and so pretty. The watch is gorgeous too, looks like a beautiful bracelet that tells time! Those nutragena towlettes are the best!

  5. I am lovin' that adorable dog tag! Our Maddie needs one of those!

  6. Oh that Nativity... I'd KILL for that Nativity. *sigh* and the sugar necklace... and the smooth sexy hair stuff.. my hair has gotten so THIN and FRIZZY. What is up with that?

    If you are going to start this again, I'm going to have to stop visiting on's a disease!

  7. These are great! I love that promise cross.

  8. Let's see: many of the items you mentioned struck a chord with me, so here goes:
    1.Don't ya just love Home Goods? The nearest one to us is an hour away, but sometimes my girlfriend and I just make a day of it there!
    2. I haven't tried that mascara, but I definitely will. I've been wearing the regular Maybelline Waterproof for years. Thanks for the hint!
    3.LOVE the wooden dachsunds - I bet "Santa" brings them to you!
    4. Those little dog tags are adorable! If I thought my Sundae kitty would agree to a collar, I'd so be ordering that little "sugar" one!
    This was a fun post! And thanks again for the mascara recommendation.
    PS I've never eaten Nutella, but it's on my grocery list for next time.

  9. I use the exact same spray on my hair before I flat iron it, and it works great! I also have a La Mer watch and I couldn't love it more!

  10. Because my hair is straight, I love "big sexy hair":)

    Boots look heavenly. I buy based on comfort now...not price or fashion.

    And, my girls love those Neutrogena wipes.

  11. Love those dog tags. Too cute!

  12. I have the Willow creche! We love it!