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Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Fragments

~Dracen said he wanted a pair of cowboy boots for Christmas.  I said, "I wonder what size you'd need in cowboy boots"?  He replied, "Santa will know...If he's really magic." 

~He also wanted to know why the foster child I picked the angel off the angel tree to buy a gift for didn't get stuff from Santa. I tried to think of a good answer but I mostly stumbled around my words.  

~I bought the big size jar of Nutella yesterday at the grocery store.  Seriously?  I need an intervention!  

~We are going to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra tomorrow in Greenville, SC.  I'm excited since I've never seen them before!  

~Does anyone know where I can buy a trash can for my kitchen that is Dachshund proof?  Because Brisco Darling can't seem to keep his nose out of the one I've got!  He knocked it over again twice yesterday.  I also caught him digging at the end of the house after he pawed the plastic drain pipe apart from the gutters.  He apparently doesn't believe the elves are watching.

~Devin had somehow managed to break his big binder for school in half and had been carrying it around like that, with no cover.  I finally remembered to buy him a new one this week and he didn't want it.  I had to force him to put his stuff in it.  Then a girl at school  took a pink paint maker and wrote his name in ginormous letters across the front with the little breast cancer awareness ribbon at the bottom (which I thought was a nice touch).  He said, "I need a new binder!  I cannot carry this thing around like this! "   I told him to either get over it or get creative and cover it up somehow.

~Dracen made a little drawing at school of these little houses with faces on them and called it "The People House Town."  Charlie and I thought it was really creative and said he should take it further and submit it to Disney or Nickelodeon because it's a lot better than some of that stuff they put on t.v.  Charlie continued to encourage him, telling him how if it was a hit, he could eventually sell it to them for big bucks.  He said he would never do that.  Spoken like a true artist!  "Never sell out out to the man!"  

~I'm getting my "hair did" at 8:30 this morning so I must sign off!

Happy Friday, Y'all!  :) 

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  1. I've never tried Nutella. Sounds like I am missing out on something.

    I've never seen Kitchen cans with the Weenie Dog Proof label. We always just put our outside cans in a trashcan rack. Not sure how that would look in your kitchen.

    We had a neighbors dog that would dig our 4 inch corrugated drain pipes up ring by ring. Turns out critters were running up inside.

    I need my Hair did too. Last time I let my 9 year old cut it and I still have both ears.

  2. Funny, I don't tweet much but I tweeted about Nutella. Something like "I can't find my crazy pills. Medicating with Nutella." I LOVE that stuff! What do you put it on? My current fave is vanilla wafers.
    I have a trash-loving boxer and I had to put the can behind a latched door. She is very determined!

  3. RY swears by marshmellow cream with Nutella sandwich:)

    Staples has the best binders. They cost an arm and a leg but they last the entire year!

    Good luck with the doggy. No suggestions, there.

  4. NOPE! It is immoral to put a limit on our Nutella useage! LOL! I eat it straight from the jar with a spoon. We don't have issues. =)

  5. What boy wouldn't want a pink binder with a breast cancer ribbon on it? LOL!

  6. TSO is phenomonal! Just don't sit too close to the stage... the pyrotecniques can get VERY hot. :)

    As for the foster kid thing, I have always had the kids help with this. I told them that sometimes when kids don't live with their parents Santa has a hard time finding them. It was our job to help him out and ensure that he wouldn't ahve to waste any of his time locating them. :) They loved that idea, and look forward to wrapping and picking out the gifts.

  7. My husband saw TSO last weekend here in Seattle and LOVED it. Hope you have fun!

  8. Maybe you could weight the trash can when it is less than full. Shotzi has delicately plucked treasures from the top of the can, but never knocked it over. I hope he doesn't get any ideas from this post;)

  9. Nutella... oh Nutella... I am having a moment...

    I always point out to my kids all the gifts the get from others besides Santa and tell them that's what we are making up for!

    My mom resorted to putting the garbage under the sink and using baby locks... then my sister came home with a kitten and the kitten would sneak in the space and pull the garbage out for the dog!

  10. My suggestion on the garbage can is to put something heavy in the bottom of it to make it tougher for your dog to knock it over. Cesar Milan (dog whisperer) might say that your dog need exercise; a tired dog is a good dog :)

    I've seen that huge Nutella jar and thought to myself, "Wow!" So far, I've resisted.

    TSO! LUCKYYYY! I would love to attend that show.

    Thanks for linking up! Have a great weekend.

  11. Enjoy these years with your kids and their curiosity and innocence. They are fleeting!

  12. Love the Fragments! i have trouble every year explaining the Angel Trees at school and the mall. Why doesn't Santa provide for the sick children as they do for us Mom? Sigh. Stumbling is what I do best:)

  13. Have fun getting your hair done! I love going to get my hair done.

  14. Hope your hair is "did" just fine! And that Santa fellow...sigh...I'm pretty sure none of my kids believe anymore, which is good, because I just can't lie to save my life, never mind Santa's.

  15. "He also wanted to know why the foster child I picked the angel off the angel tree to buy a gift for didn't get stuff from Santa. I tried to think of a good answer but I mostly stumbled around my words."

    That is precisely why we're not doing Santa. I mean, think about it, Santa actually seems kind of cruel since he doesn't deliver to all kids everywhere and some kids get way more than others from Santa. Does Santa hate the poor, or what?

  16. Your kids sound absolutely adorable :)

    Also I have no idea what to tell you about the garbage. We used to have a beagle and he would get his nose in just about anything!

  17. It's great that you are recording what the kids say. You'l be so glad you wrote them down - :)