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Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Fragments...

~My light-up reindeer did not manage to make it through hunting season this year.  I noticed the buck was not lit up a few nights ago so Charlie brought him in, gave him a thorough examination and determined that his fuses were blown.  We (and by we I mean Charlie) replaced the fuses only to have them blow again immediately.  Turns out Buck's transformer had gone bad. Then last night we noticed that Mrs. Buck had gone dark and it seems as though she may just be in the same predicament.  So unless someone can tell me how we can get our hands on two good reindeer transformers (without stealing them from a neighbor's yard), we may be needing the number of a good taxidermist.  

~Dracen took it upon his eight year old self to go into my Amazon account and use the one click button to order me a Christmas present.  It is an antique style phone (black with gold flowers on the side and a shiny brass receiver cradle) to replace the vintage rotary phone of mine that he pulled off the counter and broke.  How do you get mad over something like that?  I couldn't.  I thanked him but gave him a little talking to about how he cannot order things by himself anymore.  He had already had Charlie order me one gift he found online and it has managed to stay secret.  I can't wait to see what it is... I love his thoughtful nature.  
~Another Dracen story... He told me, just out of the blue, in the car the other day that he wants to have a summer wedding when he grows up so he can, you know, have it on the lake or something.  Who knew little boys thought about their weddings?!  

~I dropped my hand mirror on the tile floor Wednesday morning and it didn't so much as crack.  Does this mean I have seven years of good luck ahead?   :)

~I thought my jeans were getting a little snug so I broke down and got on the scales yesterday.  Doing so crushed my dream that it was all the dryer's fault. I've gained back 3.5 of the 7 pounds I lost over the spring and summer.  You'd be surprised how much of an effect 3.5 little pounds can have on a 5'4" frame. Ugh. Looks like I'm back to counting calories again.  Bah, Humbug!  Oh was fun while it lasted, Nutella. 

~I was out of Zyrtec D so I bought some at Target Wednesday. It seems the law has gotten even tougher because it nearly took an act of congress to get checked out.  They took my prints, a blood sample, asked for my driver's license, birth certificate, passport, social security card, three references and my firstborn child. I hate that trying to get a little relief for my allergies now makes me feel like a murder suspect. Do I look like I have a meth lab in my basement?  

~Did y'all see Barbara Walter's most fascinating people of the year show Wednesday night? It's the first time ever that the person of the year, Steve Jobs, died before she got a chance to interview him.  His sister said that just before he left this earth his final words were, "Oh wow...Oh wow...Oh wow."  Now if that doesn't make you a believer then I don't know what will.  

**Joining in for another round of Friday Fragments over at Half Past Kissin' Time!

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Happy Friday, Y'all!  

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  1. I missed Barbara Walter's special last night because my daughter came home from college...YAY!!! What you shared about Steve Jobs gave me goosebumps...and I am a BELIEVER! I love what your son did for you...SWEET! Enjoy your weekend, Diane!

  2. That's pretty freakin' cool about Steve Jobs last words!

    I can't believe what you have to do to get a little Zyrtec around here. Geez!

    That's sweet of Dracen and kind of brilliant in a way, but yep, you'd want to shut that down pretty quick.

  3. The comment that Steve Jobs' sister shared reminded me of what happened a few hours before my mom died: she called out the names of her 3 brothers, who had already passed on. And asked them not to leave. I know they were coming for her....
    I didn't know little boys thought about their weddings!
    Good luck with the reindeer transformers. If my hubby were there, he'd probably rig up something for you. I call him McGyver.
    Love Friday fragments: may have to play along soon!

  4. I still think it is the dryer. The dryer is doing things to my jeans.

    I can't wait to hear what you get for Christmas.

  5. Cute story about Dracen...both of them... I already know what song The Boy and I will dance to... I am prepping him now so he knows he has no choice...

    Drink lots of water today... I did yesterday and when I stepped on the scale this am, it was down 2 lbs from when I wrote my frag... and I know... I'm just shy of 5'6" and it adds up FAST!

  6. Hi, my first visit to your blog, dropping over from Friday Fragments. I love you quotations on the right side----especially Phyllis Diller's. She also once said that she never cleaned her oven until she had to bake cupcakes one at a time. That cracked me up!

  7. I sure hope that you get 7 years of good luck...and if you do, send that Mojo my way will ya?

    My son likes to play angry birds on my iPod and he has been known to purchase an app or 7.

    And we bought my mother in law a lighted flamingo for christmas. Yup, she's a snow bird and flys down to florida for the winter. We thought that it was only fitting

  8. I love that your son was thoughtful enough to buy you a gift to replace the one he broke.

  9. That is sweet of your son. My daughter is heartbroken that my Kindle Fire has already been ordered by my hubby and that she didn't get to buy it. It doesn't matter how much I explain to her that she can't buy me something that costs that much. I understand about a little weight on a small frame. I'm currently avoiding the scale until New Years. I'm 5'3" and things are snug around here too.

  10. Oh, your son--now if that story didn't warm my heart! I always love visiting your blog! :)

  11. I had a friend give me a Victoria Secret gift card. She said she wouldn't use it. I asked her if I had told her "I think my butt is getting bigger". She assured me I hadn't. I sent her a text later, it read, "A great friend doesn't tell you to go on a diet if you gain weight. She tells you to buy bigger britches":)

    Amazingly enough, I have lost 5 lbs according to my doctor's scales. Try my diet.... braces on adults.

    Sorry about your deer. I'm always afraid that people will do obscene things with them.

  12. Did you look to make sure the dryer didnt have a foot on the corner of the scales. They are devious that way ya know.

    It's typical that the law affects the law abiding more than the ones they are trying to stop. Did ya see this in Walmart?

    Radio Shack has a selection of transformers.

  13. Loved the story about your son---and Steve Jobs' last words gave me chills (in a good way!).

  14. You let your kids have your online passwords to your accounts? I'd change them if I were you.

    Stopping by from Friday Fragments.

  15. I did not see the Walters special. Wasn't a Kardashian on it? I'm not sure why...

  16. I love Dracen. Totally and completely.

  17. Ridiculous how hard it is to get a little medicine!

    LOL @ the one click present. I just went into my Amazon this morning and turned that off!

  18. I love your Friday fragments. I have two boys and the wedding story was too cute. Wonder if mine will do that? As far as the jeans is true that a few pounds makes a difference the shorter you are (I am 5'3"). You might enjoy my post on my blog called, "One-sided perspective of Self."

    It speaks about that.

    I enjoy your blog...glad I found it!