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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cowboy Boots and Tutus

I hope you all had a good Christmas.  Apparently I'm still trying to recuperate since I just slept 'til 10:30.  Dracen is still sleeping and Devin left yesterday morning on a youth retreat and won't return until sometime tomorrow. 

Dracen, unbeknownst to us, set his alarm clock on Christmas Eve for 4:30 a.m. but was sleeping so hard that it woke us up before it did him. Charlie sprang from the bed to see what was the matter and to shut down the obnoxious blaring and was coming back to bed...

But I, of course, couldn't leave it alone since the worry wart in me was kicked into overdrive and I just had to go check to make sure he was still breathing since he clearly was not fazed by the ruckus. So I followed suit by springing from the bed and dashing across the hall where I blew past Charlie and flung my hand toward the sleeping boy's forehead and he stirred which meant he was indeed still breathing so I was relieved but also realized that...Oh crap!  I'd done it now!  

We tried to tiptoe back to bed in hopes that he would go back to sleep but no longer had we nestled back in to complete our long winter's nap when we heard the feet hit the floor.  He was up and he was headed to his brother's room to wake him up too.  I think I had had about two hours of sleep at this point but I got up to join them in the dead of dark as they checked out their Christmas loot.  

Charlie soon followed.  Devin was the first to go back to bed followed by Charlie, me and  Li'l Bit.  Dracen was not having any part of going back to bed so he and Brisco Darling settled in on the couch with the remote. He was in it for the long haul because he didn't finally settle down until nearly midnight on Christmas Day.    

Yesterday it was just the two of us here since Devin had left for his trip and Charlie had gone back to work and somehow the t.v. ended up on a marathon of that show about extreme couponing which was stressing me out immensely so I suggested we go to a movie later, perhaps The Adventures of Tintin. We watched the trailer and I thought he'd be all over seeing it but he insisted we watch the trailer of the Chipmunks movie and he was sold.  

"But...but...this one is about a boy and his dog and...and, pirate ships! Hadn't you rather see it?"   

His response was, "I like bright movies."  

And how could I argue with that?  Alvin and the Chipwrecked Chipmunks it would be.  

After Charlie got home, I told Dracen to go take a shower and get ready for the movie.  He wore jeans, his new cowboys boots that Santa came through on, his new flannel shirt and was packing his survival tool and new iPod touch (that Santa also came through on) in his pockets.  But one very important thing was missing...that pocket watch Santa brought (that Santa is a mighty good man).  He had left it at his Momaw and Popaw's house the day before and informed me that we just had to go get it before the movie.  

Of course we obliged because duh, everyone knows a  cowboy boot wearing man must have a good pocket watch in order to go see a very bright film about singing chipmunks...  

Everyone also knows that every good little Dachshund needs her very own dress complete with a pink tutu.  Thanks, Santa!  I know that one was for me. ;)

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  1. Happy to see you and yours had a nice Christmas.

    I'm feeling sorry for the poor Puppy. LOL

  2. It sounds like Santa came through big time!

  3. I'm lovin' the pink tutu! I really want a miniature dachshund....I just have to convince my husband ;) Grandma came through on cowboy boots for my son...he walks around just like Woody from Toy Story - it's pretty hilarious. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. We were also up at 4AM doing the gift thing. This was after they woke me up at 230 and I said not until 4AM.

    I went back to bed afterwards, and they let me, because they all knew what was good for them. :)

    And... singing chipmunks? I've been avoiding the movies like the plague until that is out of the theatres. God love ya. :)

  5. What a little stinker!!
    I'm so glad that my kid can't set an alarm. His internal one is already set for TOO EARLY.
    We are actually taking him to see Alvin and the "Chicken punks" as he calls them tomorrow. This will be his first movie at the theater. I'm super excited about it.

  6. Yes, I only wish Santa would come get the credit card bills he left at my house. LOL!

    My son totally LOVED The Adventures of Tin Tin, btw. For me, it was just ah-ight. I'm not much of an Indiana Jones-meets-Johnny-Quest kind of girl any way.

    Sounds like yall had a great Christmas. Happy holidays!

  7. We saw WE Bought a Zoo... good, but VERY emotional for a single parent and NOT the kids movie we thought it was... YIKES!

  8. I've spent far too many Christmases opening presents in the dark! When the kids get older, you'll get to sleep in again, I promise!

  9. Was the Itouch a part of his survival kit?

    I've already told 2 of my kids they can't touch their DS or Itouch, again, until they get permission!

    We got up about 8 and had to get it together to go to church. My Julia was baptized by her daddy:) So precious!