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Monday, December 12, 2011

Outsmarted by a Dachshund...

Dracen is asking for a little brother again.  He's always been the little one trying to keep up with his big brother and cousin and older friends and while yes, he can be a little rambunctious at times, he does have a very nurturing nature and has always been drawn to babies. I've always said he missed his calling on being a big brother because I know he'd make a great one.  

This is not the first time we've had this conversation and he knows that I can't have any more babies so last night he tried to find a way around this by saying, "I know you can't have another baby but couldn't we adopt one?  Because I never got the chance to be a big brother."  

Ouch.  I almost cried.

I also began suspecting that many a third or fourth child was had for this very reason because talk about tugging on your heartstrings... This tugs on mine in a fierce way.  

And I would probably have tried to oblige him by promising him another Dachshund but Brisco Darling has been a very bad little wiener this week in regards to hole digging, knocking over trash cans and doing his business in the house.  Let's just say he's lucky  that I'm a tenderhearted, animal loving, tree hugging Dachshund freak who tends to forget the unacceptable act he committed just as soon he rolls over on his back and pats his cute li'l freckled face with his paws.

Charlie wonders if getting a well-trained big dog would help him to learn right from wrong. But I know a thing or two about how Dachshunds operate and it's not that they don't know right from wrong, rather they just want to do things their way.  And who can't relate to that?  
Dachshunds are smart and here's one example of how I know this...

I give the Darlings one Greenie each every day.  There are few things in this world Charlene (Li'l Bit) loves more than her daily Greenie. Brisco, on the other hand, could usually take it or leave it though usually he takes it and lays it down somewhere he can see it.  

It took me awhile to catch on to what Li'l Bit was doing.  She immediately takes her Greenie into the living room where she devours it in seconds.  Brisco takes his into the sunroom, places it on the floor, gives it the nose tap on each end, breathes on it, leaves it on the floor, then jumps up in the chair to watch over it.  

Li'l Bit knows this.  She also knows that if she goes in to nab his Greenie, that he will jump down off his perch to stake claim over it if she even thinks about going near it.  So here's the plan she concocted...

She scratches on the door to go outside knowing that Brisco can rarely resist the urge to go outside himself and that he will come running to go out too.  And he does.  But as soon as he gets out the door, she says, "Psych!" and instead of going outside, high tails it to the sunroom where she snatches the abandoned Greenie and begins consuming it at record speed.  

Poor Brisco realizes what's happened before he ever gets off the deck and proceeds to bark loudly and angrily to get back in only to discover that it is too late.  So what does the sucker (a.k.a. me) do?  I give him another Greenie that he wastes no time chomping down this time.  

I finally caught on to what was going on so this doesn't happen anymore.  The sad thing is, she pulled it off several times before I realized what was going on... 

Which is just one good reason why I should probably stick to the two kid, two dog rule for now. 

Plus, Charlie's oldest son is getting married next year and we all know that babies come next... I'll have to point out to Dracen how fun it can be to be an uncle. 

But wait?  Wouldn't that kinda make me a gra... 

Shut the front door!  

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  1. We've been thru the I want a baby sister thing once before and now again. The first time there was an oops and an OH MY involved and the request was fulfilled. This time around there wont be an oops. Our little one went straight to the adopting option too.

    And unless we accidently opt in adoption papers mixed in with the Redbox order, 4 will be the end of it.

    Come on now, you can spell it... G R A N N Y

  2. I love long haired doxies!! And I'm resisting adding another pup to our home (I have no problem resisting adding a human being...and definitely won't be a gran, er, anytime soon).

  3. My son has asked a few times for a baby brother. Just when I think he is over it, he asks again. I hate telling him no.

    And wow, that is one smart dog!

  4. This story made me laugh because I can so relate! Our doxie is quite the stinker, too! As we do every year, we've placed her Christmas treat underneath our tree...wrapped. She knows it hers, too! You might have read my recent post about it. Well, yesterday morning as my hubby and I were reading the paper, we heard Maddie growling by the front door. We thought she might need to go outside. My husband walked into the foyer to find that she had eased under the Christmas tree, sneakily took her present, and was sitting in the foyer guarding it. She, actually, left a torn spot on the wrapping paper where she'd tried to break into it. Shame, for shame! :)

  5. Shut it and lock it tightly! Your story about the Greenies is hilarious!! I love that she has been so stinkin' sneaky!

  6. Not that I am on Dracon's side but they do say that having 3 children is wonderful because it makes the middle child a great negotiator. The world needs good negotiators. You know, my friend, I have a lot of experience in adoption with my 4 and would love to give you some tips!

  7. Well my kid says "No never" when we ask him if he wants a baby brother or sister and I think that my husband's man junk shrivels at the thought of another so we're set in that department.
    Another dog...have you met mine? He's like Marley only a bigger b-hole. He's torn out half of our linoleum floor in the kitchen and he's not a puppy.

  8. Oh, FireGirl has asked "when do I get a little bruver sister?" before. She's got the wanna-be-a-big-itis bad.

    Love your dog stories!

  9. Cute post! How clever of Lil Bit to come up with that trick?!
    I'm sure Dracen will be a terrific uncle....but it just isn't the same, Mom!

  10. He has it all figured out! What a smart dog.

  11. Yes, sad news, that would make you a Gra