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Friday, September 23, 2011

Fancy Friday...Happy First Day of Fall!

Well, it is officially the first day of fall and it has been raining to beat the band here at my house but it's still Friday so I am not complaining. This week has been a doozy, what with the head cold that has now produced a fever blister under my nose and is either trying to come back on me this morning or this rain is seriously disturbing some ragweed, the seventh grade math homework that has succeeded at making me feel like an imbecile, and the two nights I managed to spill our dinner all over the kitchen floor...

Wednesday night I was feeling pretty sorry for myself with a cold and a headache so I popped a pepperoni pizza in the oven for supper only to have it slide off the baking stone into the dog's water and all over the bottom of the kitchen island and the floor when I went to take it out.  And let's just say the words that spewed out of my mouth in the seconds following are not ones I'd like to be remembered for having said...ahem...Charlie promptly gathered his things and headed out the door.  To Papa's Pizza to Go.  

Last night after opening a box of spaghetti that shot out all over the kitchen floor I was able to reel the angry words in (because Devin was at the table getting help from Charlie for his evil math homework) but I did proclaim loudly and in an overly dramatic fashion that I was going to quit cooking.  "I'm going to QUIT cooking!  I just can't do it anymore!  I'm such a klutz!" Charlie used his soft voice and said, "Uh oh...I better learn to cook then."  But all was right with the world again when I opened up the cabinet to find another whole box of spaghetti smiling back at me.  

But I've gone and gotten further away from the point I was originally trying to arrive at, which is that it is the first day of fall and it is Friday so let's talk about some fancy things...

First off I'd like to talk about stripes and floral together.  I honestly don't think I would have ever thought to go and put these two things together but as I was happily pinning away on pinterest the other day I came across this photo of a stripe tee with a floral scarf and I really, really liked it.  A lot.

The problem I sometimes have with pinterest though (as much as I love it!) is that often times the pin doesn't link you to the original source.  So I set out to find a similar shirt and scarf and while I didn't find a navy and white stripe shirt, I did find this one at Anthropologie...

Classic Stripe Tee 

And a very similar floral scarf at h&m...

Another cute little thing I've been seeing a lot lately is the long sweater socks peeking out from under the boots.  I'm not entirely sure if this is something a forty year old should be wearing but I don't feel anywhere near forty so that must count for something, right?  These socks are not, however, to be mistaken for the legwarmers that have recently reappeared in the fashion world.  Look, I've been there done the legwarmer thing back in the 80's and I'm not going back. You can't make me. 

But these socks?  I think I may have to try...

vintage tall sweater sock 

And of course, you need a cute little pair of boots to go with your so "not legwarmer" socks.  I love the simplicity of this Lucky pair.  They also come in black...

Maidie by Lucky Brand

I'm also loving the wrap watches I've been seeing around.  I mean like, really LOVING. Definitely on my top 10 list for Fall...

simple wrap watch by La Mer

multi leaf charm watch by La Mer

Seriously, what is NOT to love about those watches?  And to make it even better, they're made right here in the good ol' US of A.  Can't say that about many things anymore, unfortunately.  

Cabled Cocoon Poncho
Piperlime is calling this a poncho but I think it's more of a "poncho sweater".  I have a blue one in a similar style that I found at TJMaxx but I am loving the color of this one.  So fallish! And yes, spell checker, I know fallish is not a word but it's staying so get over yourself.

Flutter Sleeve Blouse
Simply because I just can't get enough of anything with "flutter" in the description.  Heavenly...

Center of the Earth Bracelet
I spotted this little treasure at Francesca's.  Pure perfection...

Toecap Ballerina Flats 
I found these little lovelies at Anthropologie and while they are way more than I'm willing to pay for a pair of flats, I am head over heels in love with them.  You're killing me, Anthro, you're killing me!

Old Navy Zip-front Cardigan
This is the type of thing I would wear all.the.time. A must-have for sure...

wexford bloom earrings by Violet Bella
If you were a pair of earrings what kind would you be?  LOVE!

And that's it.  Happy Friday and Happy Fall!  

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  1. I pulled out some leggings and cowboy boots, yesterday. I just didn't feel like wearing sandals.

    Look forward to looking at your Friday Fashion finds.

  2. I really like the stripes with the floral scarf. Never would have thought of that.

  3. I'm a flip flop all year round kinda gal, so I'll have to skip the boots and socks (though they are cute). That poncho sweater, though?? I'm heading to TJmaxx to see if I can snatch one!

  4. You have such wonderful taste. I love the earrings and ballerina flats. So pretty.

  5. I so could have had your cooking mishaps. I am so glad your helper wants to do the cooking.

    Love the clothes you picked out!

  6. I love the floral and stripes together, but those boots have me drooling.

    And also? I have a nasty cold AND the rain. Fortunately not the kitchen disasters. YAY! Hope your weekend is peaceful and mess-free! :-)

  7. i stopped in h&m today and was DROOLING over EVERYTHING. their stuff is so fabulous this fall! I picked up a cute faux-wrap dress for only $15 that I'm going to pair with my brown boots.

    GOSH i love boots!!!

  8. You have amazing taste! I love everything you picked, everything!

    And it's crazy raining over here too! It stops and starts though...those dumb tropical air currents!

  9. blueviolet said it!! (You have great taste!) I've never been big on stripes--they remind me too much of Where's Waldo... But this year, I snagged a black & white one from Old Navy and have really loved it. That bracelet is also beautiful!

  10. I think I love them all! Especially the ear rings - You know I love the name Violet!

  11. I'm totally loving those watches you found! La Mer is a new brand to me. That's why I love fashion linkies. I hope you'll swing by Monday Mingle on Momtrends and share this tres chic post!