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Friday, September 2, 2011

School Woes and Another Furniture Makeover...

Well, we've almost made it through our first full week of school without any major complaints or problems.  Though Devin did ask me if I could ugly him up some when he got in the car yesterday because four girls had asked him out in one day and he wanted nada, zilch, zippo to do with any of them. 

I did not have much sympathy for his poor little soul.  I didn't get asked out until I was 15!  And when did seventh grade girls start "asking out" boys anyway?  I don't recall much of that back when I was in school.  You know, way back when we had to walk five miles to the bus stop in the rain, sleet and snow?  

Dracen's chief complaint came yesterday when he got in the car holding his football and flying disc that he was quick to inform me he did not even get to play with because his class does not get to go to recess on days they have  p.e. although all the other kids get to! They had do go straight back to the classroom after lunch! What is this world coming to?  

As for me, I've been spending my few hours of serenity each day doing a little of this, that and the other.  Tuesday I went on another furniture painting spree by painting my little childhood rocking chair, Dracen's toy box and this nightstand from Charlie's 1970 something childhood bedroom set...

It has been in Devin's room so once I got to the bottom of the drawer I found that a piece of what looked like poster board had been duct taped to the bottom to cover up a big ol' sticky spot of Lord only knows what.  And I don't know if that was there from the days of Charlie's youth or something Devin did but I managed to get most of it scraped and sanded off before painting.

I first painted over the whole thing with two coats of Annie Sloan's Paris Grey before trimming with old white and then applying clear and dark wax with a little distressing here and there...

I'm really pleased with the way it turned out but I'm just not so sure it looks like it belongs in a boy's room now so I'm contemplating on that and on what I'm going to do with the desk and dresser/hutch that goes along with it. Hmm....

Furniture Feature Fridays

**Joining in for the first time with Miss Mustard Seed for Furniture Feature Friday!  Her blog is a wealth of information and I have spent much time in the past couple of weeks pouring through her photos and tutorials for inspiration.


  1. Really great job on the table. I'm impressed! Hope you were able to ugly him up enough lol.

  2. I think girls are quite different these days than when we came along!

    Cute story about the "whatever" stuck to the bottom of the table.
    You did a great job painting this - quite a transformation!

  3. Diane, I LOVE the new look, and love love love your new profile pic!
    As for the nightstand you repainted, as I was reading and scrolling, I actually said this out loud when I saw the "after" pic, "Holy crap!" It's gorgeous! Totally my thing!

  4. Oh how I wished that I had your eye for awesome things like that!!!
    Yea, what's up with Dracen's school. Are they slave drivers or what. Poor kid and no recess...jeesh.
    The only recess I get is a 1 hour window when Chunky is alseep!

  5. I love the color! What a pretty piece!

  6. I have the same bedroom set. Well, a version of it. Same wood, same carving, but I have two drawer nightstands. I found another blogger that had used wood filler to fill in the carving and made the drawer fronts smooth, then finished it with black paint.

    My set belonged to my parents who have passed away and I have been hesitant about changing it, but the gorgeous makeovers are helping me get over myself! After all, it's only paint.

    Love, Love, Love the transformation! Thanks for sharing it on MMS.

    The Lavender Magnolia