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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What I do when I should be sleeping...

Ignoring a head cold does not make it go away.  In fact, I think it only annoys it and makes it more determined to take you down. This one that's been hanging out with me for the past few days has worn out its welcome yet insists on sticking around.  

Last night after I sniffled, sneezed and kleenexed my way through Dracen's bedtime story he informed me that I should take something. I told him that I already had but it wasn't working.  So then he put his thinking cap on and gave me a bit of 8 year old wisdom by advising me that the best thing for me was sleep to which I replied, "You're probably right, Dray, you're probably right."

But did I take that advice?  Of course not.  I stayed up way too late watching mindless television and pinning things onto my boards at pinterest while wheezing and sneezing all the way.  

And I tried to go back to sleep on the couch after the boys left for school this morning. but the two cups of coffee with amaretto creamer I had already consumed nixed that idea real quick like.  So that is why I am here rambling to y'all about my poor little cold.  I know.  Woe is me, woe is me!  

But I am at least going to share with you some of the funny arse stuff I pinned this week...

I have GOT to remember to use this one!  
  Poor unicorns.

translation:  I got this, y'all!  I got this!   

Bwa Ha!

Y'all know it's true.

I can relate, Nathanial.  I can relate.

Betty Crocker's rebellious twin? 

I need this hanging in my car

of boys!

I don't even know what it is about this
but it cracks me up hard.

Well, that's all I've got today.  I hope you got a little chuckle or at the very least a half grin. I think I'll go pop some pills and drink some orange juice.  


  1. I hope you find some medicine that helps... and that you get to take a nap today!

    That unicorn bike cracks me up!! And the note to Noah. With all the stuff scientists can do these days, why can't someone come up with a unicorn?

  2. If I have a head cold, I typically can't sleep anyway. Pinterest does take up some time. I just joined last week.

  3. I hope you get rid of that cold. Do you always get one when the kids start school. I do.

  4. Love them! I ALWAYS chuckle at the funny stuff you pin. That bit about the unicorns cracked me up!

  5. That unicorn bike is hilarious!!!! And the statement about "nothing" is TRUE!

  6. Somedays you'r ethe turd... others you're the squirrel.

    And some days, the dog's left his nose art all over you AND the windows.

    Today seems like all three for me... inversly proportional to the oncoming perfect storm of PMS...

  7. Hope you feel better and thanks for my laugh this morning. Now I need to go and find me a unicorn bike lmbo.

  8. I'm not sure which pinned item I like best... the self-assured squirrel, the unicorn bike, or the pompous pup! All fabulous. Thanks for the laugh.

  9. Okay, I just got up from a three hour nap. I am still at the sleepy stage, but in an hour when kids start pouring into my program from school, I'll be wide awake and ready for it.

    Take a nap for sure.

    About half the kids I deal with look like that squirrel on occasion.

  10. That Hit & Bite one... so appropriate for my introduction to world of Kindergarten! :)