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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...What IS this thing?

I found this in the basement of the old house before we moved.  Darin loved old, unique, interesting things.  And I do too... I just wish I knew what exactly this particular thing is!  I have asked a few different people but nobody seems to know what this thing is or what it was once used for.  I even tried googling it but that proved to be a little difficult seeing as how I don't know what it is!  

I think I used the search words, old tin bottle with lid, old tin milk jug, old tin water can and several others I thought fit but found nothing similar which tells me I must be way off the mark.

I've tried rubbing it thinking maybe a genie would rise up and grant me my three wishes...No luck with that yet but I'm not giving up, unless one of you bursts my bubble by informing me that you know it's something else.  

So do you?  If so please enlighten me, oh wise one!  

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  1. Hmm, I have no idea! Could it have been used for milk? My grandmother had a similarly-shaped metal container to cart milk from her farm to the local collection area. It looks cool, I love metal "junk" like this!

  2. no idea but it is a cool find! Let us know what you end up doing with it!

  3. Looks like it could have been one kick ass beer mug back in the day.

  4. No idea! It reminds me of this turkish tea brewer thingy that my grandparents used to have at their house. Interesting!!!

  5. Very interesting. I'm thinking it was used to pour something since it has that handle. Maybe beer?

  6. I have absolutely no idea, but I kinda like it!

  7. I have no idea but it's very cool!

  8. What in the world???

    Are you kidding???

    You've got to send a picture in to that show, what is it' Roadhouse antiques"

    Now, how can I think of anything else??? What is THAT?

  9. I think it's a coffee pot (but I could be wrong). Check out this:

  10. It looks like grandpa's eternal resting place.

    Have a nice day :-)


  11. it is very unique for sure! 1st thin I noticed was the bell shape and the small handle?? I hope you find the answer! ~Faythe @GMT

  12. I was also thinking an urn, but Tony thinks maybe a antique collection stein from distilling moonshine. :)

    When I moved in here, the house had been in the same family for 70 years. Every time we tear out something we find old pictures, fabric, etc.

    In the basement I found these old claw feet, holding glass balls. Turns out they were piano feet.

    Sold them on Ebay for $89.


  13. We were thinking ashes too, maybe for the fireplace. Or maybe somthing with coal? Milk jug came to mind first, though.

    good luck!

  14. My mind immediately went to the morbid.

    Is it an urn?

  15. I say a spitoon or however you spell it. But it looks cool!